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Why You Want to Work With Us.

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Why do you want to collaborate with us? Answering a Common Interview Question.

This question can be approached from two directions.

What piques your interest in this company?

How would you describe your interest in the position?

When an interviewer asks you, “”What motivates you to collaborate with us?””, he is looking for information such as: • Get some details about your career goals and what you think about the current job profile being offered to you.

  • Demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in this position and that you will work hard if hired.
  • Your company, position, or industry research will be reflected here.

They must understand your preferences and priorities because they will have a direct impact on your performance.

It is important to note that even for part-time jobs, each part of this question must be answered differently.

The interview panel is looking for a candidate who will be a good fit in their work environment and enjoy working with them. Your homework will reflect the best answer here, and you must provide a few unique reasons for wanting to join this firm.

Some of the best reasons to explain are as follows:

The overall reputation of the company

  •  Key leaders’ reputations little regard for their services and products.
  • Appreciate a few of the company’s major initiatives, such as training programmes, community involvement, and marketing campaigns. Awards offered by the company to its employees
  • The company’s management philosophy
  • The company’s core values
  • Market position of the company
  • Rate of growth and success

Here are a few common blunders to avoid when answering this question:

Never give a blanket answer that can be applied to any other company.

Avoid answers that reflect your lack of knowledge about the company.

An unenthusiastic response may also cause the interviewer to reject you. Show little enthusiasm for this job description and the prospect of working for that particular company.

You may have realised by now that one of the most important factors in developing a specific response to this company is your research work. The more you know about the company’s background and history, the more appreciable your response will be.

So it’s time to learn about a few crucial aspects of conducting company research.

You should definitely practise your response to this question, so here are a few pointers:

Navigate the company website; this is one of the most obvious approaches, and you should make the time to do it. Typically, company websites cover all of the company’s major information, vision, and mission details. Read their press release and find some media mentions. Never forget to read their blogs if they post them on their website.

Perform a Google search for their company, the market for their products and services, and prominent competitors.

Utilise your personal network to gather information about the company and the job profile that will be offered to you during an interview.

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