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What You Should Not Do As A Freelance Writer

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What You Should Not Do As A Freelance Writer

Freelancing is difficult! Most people make mistakes that derail their Freelancing career. According to a report by the International Freelancers Academy, the majority of people who join this industry are drawn to the flexibility and freedom it provides. Making mistakes can have a negative impact on your work and ruin your relationships with clients. Here are five pitfalls to avoid in order to accelerate your success in the industry.


Five Mistakes to Avoid When Freelancing

1.Accepting Lower Pay

Determine your worth! Many people are forced to accept lower starting rates. Raising your profile rating may be a good strategy, but consider revising your rates once you have closed several deals. A low figure will lead to clients dismissing your services as of poor quality. It may even cause you to struggle to make ends meet.

To avoid this perplexity, look into what others are charging for similar services. Determine the quality of your work by comparing it to the lowest and highest charging options. If you must settle for a low price, make sure it is for a good reason, such as being able to strike a long-term deal with the client by earning his trust or gaining insights or access to larger opportunities that may open up by proceeding with the current deal.


2.Not Specializing in a Specific Field

Beginners will always rush to take any job that comes their way. A good piece of advice is to not take on any project that comes your way. If necessary, identify a maximum of three areas in which you excel and take projects from them. Specializing in one area improves quality.

When hiring, clients look for specialised skills. If your portfolio includes several unrelated skills, clients will perceive you as disorganised and will avoid you.


3.Working Without A Written Contract.

Always reach an agreement before beginning work, no matter how simple or minor. It will assist you in receiving assurance of payment. As an employer, you will ensure that work is completed in accordance with your instructions, ensuring that your funds are put to good use.

Freelance marketplaces will always provide a platform for reaching a detailed agreement with the necessary terms and conditions. A written agreement eliminates the possibility of disagreements. Every sign, for example, aids in the signing of legally binding agreements.



Most newcomers are tempted to take any job that comes their way. You run the risk of becoming burned out, which will limit your ability to deliver quality work. There will always be piles of work waiting for you to complete, and much emphasis will be placed on completing the work rather than providing quality work.

Only accept jobs that you are capable of handling. After all, working on a few manageable projects is preferable to taking breaks to recover from illnesses.

5.Giving In

It takes time to succeed as a freelancer. Success should not be measured by the number of hours worked. Experience will always triumph. Continue to practise and improve until you can deliver quality work without difficulty. Starting is difficult. As you progress, you gain new skills that will help you build your portfolio.

Remember to keep track of your progress and to celebrate your accomplishments. Employers are more interested in your previous experiences and accomplishments, and they are willing to pay more for quality.



Making sound decisions is essential for success in the freelance industry. However, mistakes can deter someone from establishing a successful Freelance career.

To succeed in the industry, specialise in your best field and then provide high-quality work. Avoid overburdening yourself with work. Don’t give up, and don’t give up hope. Quitters, after all, never win! Your dedication and passion will propel you to unimaginable heights.


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