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What technological solutions are required by small businesses

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What technological solutions are required by small businesses?

Trying to keep up with digital innovation can often feel like riding a roller coaster, because as soon as you think your small business capabilities are competitive, relevant, and current, you’re suddenly thrust into yet another technological stratosphere. The advantages of cloud-based technology solutions are now more apparent than ever as more and more firms transition to a virtual or hybrid workforce.

Small firms like yours must be able to respond quickly and reflexively to technology advances in order to remain competitive. You undoubtedly feel this need, but recognising a problem and understanding how to address it are two very different challenges. So, where do I begin?

Recall the food pyramid from your childhood? In order to achieve their business objectives, small enterprises should look for technology that offers a well-balanced “diet” of functions. To keep your small business “healthy” and productive, this pyramid should comprise a well-balanced combination of flexible networking, easy communication, and increased security.

Put small business networking to use.

Effective networking is the cornerstone of this balanced tech diet, ensuring that staff members can access your systems from a variety of locations and devices. Small business owners should concentrate on three essential aspects when selecting a networking platform for their industry: simplicity, flexibility, and built-in security.

  • Look for a straightforward, user-friendly cloud-based solution with both online and mobile applications. Utilizing an intuitive platform will speed up problem-solving for your team and cut down on onboarding time.
  • Additionally, you want a versatile technological solution with the ideal combination of items pertinent to your sector.Your employees may access your network, whether they work from home, in the office, or a combination of both.
  • The days of having to purchase and install antivirus software are long gone.Cloud-based solutions are now available with constructed and automatically updated security features that stop malware, phishing, and other dangers from reaching your business without further work or monitoring.

Leverage team collaboration tools.

The nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables of your nutritious technology mix are connecting with one another, while connecting to your business is its carbohydrate. Small businesses sustain themselves now more than ever by using remote team collaboration. Having portals for your workforce to connect effectively and fluidly, from chat to video, from shared files to efficient version control, is necessary. 

At the touch of a button, employees may connect through high-quality video whether they are on a mobile device, a desktop computer, or in a dedicated conference room. They can deliver engaging presentations and collaborate on projects together in real-time. Users may simply transmit files and share screens with distant workers, keeping their entire team figuratively on the same page. 

Boost Your Business’s Cybersecurity

Last but not least, security is the protein in your technological diet—something good actors can’t eat, but you can. It’s critical to guarantee that wired and wireless networks are secure at all times because cloud technology is always active. Owners of businesses can do this by implementing stronger security measures or by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), an encrypted network that conceals user location and maintains activity privacy.

The cybersecurity solution for your company should provide users with constant, secure access from wherever they are on any device. Additionally, you want your security to offer comprehensive context, visibility, and control over potential security breaches. Across all endpoints, your software should swiftly and effectively identify, block, and remove any incoming malware.

Security is of the utmost importance at Cisco. For this reason, we established Cisco Talos, one of the biggest commercial threat intelligence teams in the world, which offers quick threat detection and protection for all Cisco clients. More security threats have been stopped by the Talos Team throughout the years than by any other security company.

The Cloud Has the Solution.

If you recall Hansel’s erroneous cry, “The files are in the computer,” in Zoolander, just before he smashed the computer to pieces, that should serve as a warning about the risks of misinterpreting technology. The answers you’re seeking exist in the cloud, but we assure you that no property destruction is necessary to access them. Cisco is here to provide you with the solutions, direction, and tools you require. If you’re a small business owner who is just learning about cloud-based technology solutions, be aware that there are a lot of myths out there. Here are some details:

  • Modern cloud computing requires little onboarding and is user-friendly and simple to set up.
  • It requires little maintenance, gives you more flexibility and control, and enables teams to work together freely.
  • Cloud-based technology has never been safer, and your data is protected at all costs by certified security professionals and top-notch encryption.

As you can see, adopting always-on cloud technology has a tonne of advantages for small organisations. Products like Cisco Cloud Solutions come with every feature your company needs for safe network-based collaboration, plus some extra workload management features! Contact a Cisco small business expert right away if you’re interested in learning more about our solutions for small businesses. 

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