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Microsoft Learn can help you develop abilities that will open opportunities.

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Microsoft Learn can help you develop abilities that will open opportunities.

Our purpose at Microsoft is to enable every individual and organization on the globe to accomplish more. Access to technical talents is a critical component of the goal in a technologically driven environment. As a result, we’ve gathered all of Microsoft’s technical content, learning tools, and resources under the new Microsoft Learn product family.

The new Microsoft Learn product line provides linked, comprehensive technical materials.

The goal of technology is to empower you. That’s why Microsoft Learn is designed to help you get the most out of Microsoft products and services, so you can make the most of your job. Whether you’re creating something new or addressing an issue, technology and the skills required to employ it are now available.

You may learn new skills at your own speed with Microsoft Learn. Learning begins at your skill level and improves swiftly with practice with Microsoft products—because there is no replacement for learning by doing for today’s problem solvers and tomorrow’s innovators to make meaningful progress. Microsoft Learn also provides you with access to a community of motivated individuals.creators and learners, which may act as an inspiration and a catalyst for progress.

Microsoft learn meets you wherever you are in your learning journey, from the foundations to the most sophisticated, role-specific technical know-how, with a plethora of tools to accommodate all types of learning styles.

Microsoft Learn can assist you with:

  • Explore new technological alternatives to help you achieve your objectives and realise your full potential, no matter where you are in your professional or learning path.
  • Learn by doing through interactive learning experiences and technical resources that assist you in developing skills and problem solving.
  • Certifications and achievements that illustrate your knowledge should be used to highlight your talents.
  • Connect and interact with a learning community for inspiration, resources, and networking.

Integral learning resources

Learn.microsoft.com is where you can access unified Microsoft technical training, documentation, and resources that are tailored to your learning requirements, skill level, learning style, or goals. In a nutshell, the revamped Microsoft Learn experience is more efficient. You’ll discover a linked, engaging learning environment where you can explore the resources you need, whether you’re upgrading your own technical abilities or skilling up to address new demands for your company.

Documentation;  All Microsoft technical material, including fast starts, how-to instructions, and architectural guidelines and frameworks developed by our engineering teams, is easily accessible. If you’ve been using Docs for a while, you’ll recognize the features you’re used to, and your previous bookmarks will still work!

Training; Take virtual or in-person courses offered by Microsoft Certified Trainers from Microsoft Learning Partners across the world. Access hundreds of free, interactive, self-paced learning tracks covering cloud computing, artificial intelligence, business applications, and other topics in several languages. Also, look at other training options. Microsoft Virtual Training Days and Cloud Games are two examples.

Certification;  showcases your skills, experience, and capacity to innovate and thrive. Whether you are graduating from school and getting ready to start your career, or you have some experience and want to take the next step, Microsoft Certifications can help you demonstrate that you have what it takes to achieve your objectives and realise your full potential. Access a range of exciting practice options to help you succeed faster.

Q&A; On this worldwide, community-driven platform, you can ask questions about Microsoft technologies and get rapid answers.

Code examples;  Locate scripts and codes that you can modify and personalize.

Events and shows;  Learn that TV is now called “Shows,” where you can view unique video content from Microsoft technical professionals and community members, and where you can watch technical events live or on demand.

Personalized encounter

Because there are so many resources and opportunities in one place, you have more opportunities to demonstrate your abilities and engage with colleagues, peers, and experts.

  • The enhanced Microsoft Learn profile gathers all of the facts about your unique learning experiences into a single view. From this page, you can access your training activities (including learning pathways and modules), select instructor-led courses and challenges, and keep track of your certifications and Q&A interactions.
  • All of your certification and learning activities are now included in a shareable transcript that highlights all you’ve learned and accomplished. You may now highlight and share your accomplishments on social media while also viewing those of your peers and coworkers in the learning community.

Start by creating a profile at learn.microsoft.com today and start exploring!

More to follow.

The majority of these improvements are already live on Microsoft Learn, and we will continue to make updates (including localization) in the coming days and weeks. But we’ve just scratched the surface of the incredible potential that awaits you on the new and improved Microsoft Learn. Bringing all of these experiences together opens up new opportunities for us to improve and expand the learning experience—in fact, some of those new features are already in the works. Join us at Microsoft Ignite, which will be held on October 12-14, 2022, to hear intriguing news regarding Microsoft’s future plans. Learning—and then some!

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