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What exactly are Vietnamese cold rolls

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What exactly are Vietnamese cold rolls?


Vietnamese cold rolls are a light and refreshing salad roll that is popular in Vietnam. They are also known as spring rolls or fresh rolls. Vietnamese cold rolls, as opposed to regular spring rolls, are created with fresh ingredients and are frequently served with a dipping sauce.


What exactly is a Vietnamese cold roll?


Vietnamese cold rolls are often filled with fresh vegetables such as lettuce, cucumber, mint, and cilantro. They can also contain protein-rich items like shrimp, poultry, beef, or pork. Many Vietnamese cold rolls feature tofu as a vegetarian alternative.


What kinds of dipping sauces can be used?


Vietnamese cold rolls can be served with a variety of dipping sauces, including nuoc cham.

Hoisin sauce, peanut sauce, and soy sauce (a sweet and sour fish sauce).


If I’m on a diet, can I eat Vietnamese cold rolls?


Yes! Vietnamese cold rolls, especially when packed with fresh veggies, may be a nutritious and light alternative. If you’re limiting your calorie intake, keep in mind that some of the dipping sauces (such as hoisin and peanut sauce) are rich in calories.


Are gluten-free Vietnamese cold spring rolls available?


Yes, most Vietnamese cold rolls are gluten-free. This is because they are manufactured using rice paper wrappers, which are gluten-free.


What is the calorie count of a Vietnamese cold roll?


This is determined by the components utilised.


A standard Vietnamese cold roll with shrimp and veggies can range in calories from 50 to 100. However, if you add additions like peanut sauce or hoisin sauce, the calorie count will rise.


How are Vietnamese cold rolls made?


Making Vietnamese cold rolls is a straightforward process that requires only a few simple components. The most difficult component is frequently locating the rice paper wrappers, which are available at most Asian stores.


To prepare Vietnamese cold rolls, you will need the following ingredients:


-Paper rice wraps


-A huge dish filled with warm water


-A clean and dry working surface


-New veggies


-Your preferred protein ( shrimp, chicken, beef, pork, tofu)


-Your choice of dipping sauce




Set aside a big dish filled with warm water.


Soak a rice paper wrapper in a basin of water for 10-20 seconds, or until it becomes soft and malleable.


Remove the wrapper from the water with care and lay it on a clean, dry work area.


Fill the wrapper with fresh veggies and your preferred protein. Make sure not to overfill the wrapper, since this will make rolling difficult.


Serve with your favourite dipping sauce. Enjoy!


What Is the Best Way to Make Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls?


Simply take a piece of rice paper, soak it in water until soft, then place it on a dish. Then, in the centre of the rice paper, place your fillings. Dip it in water until it’s soft, then place it on a platter. Then, in the centre of the rice paper, place your fillings. Once you’ve poured the correct quantity of filling, begin winding it up like a burrito or egg roll! Tuck in the sides as you go to ensure nothing slips out. You may even double the rice paper for more chew.


Where can I find Vietnamese cold rolls in my area?


At Toronto Pho, we provide a wide selection of cold rolls, including:


Tôm cun (shrimp roll)


Gà Nng Cun (Grilled Chicken Roll)


B Nng Cun (Grilled Beef Roll)


Tht Nng Cun (Grilled Pork Roll)


We take pleasure in providing a genuine Vietnamese experience at Toronto Pho, and our cold rolls are no exception! If you haven’t tasted one yet and are curious as to why we are so enthusiastic about them, stop by today! We guarantee you will not be disappointed. We are open late at all four sites (Toronto, North York, Hamilton, and Woodbridge).


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