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True Leaders Are Successful Learners

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True Leaders Are Successful Learners

How would you get your day started immediately? You have a decision to make. How do you deal with a tense situation? What can you do on a daily basis to learn from other leaders?

Assume you’re driving a new car on a cold winter day. Life is good… until a rusted-out Suburban slams into your backside. This happened to me, and when I realised that neither I nor the other driver had been injured, I had to decide whether to fly off the handle and start yelling at the young woman who decided to exhaust me, or to interrupt and treat her like a living person.

The young woman apologised and explained that she had been sick and was on her way to the local college to take a make-up exam. I noticed her coat was unbuttoned and advised her to button it because it was quite cold outside. I was not pleased, but I took offence positively!

  • Your character is revealed not when things go your way, but when something unforeseen or unpleasant occurs.
  • You have a choice! So, how do you plan to control a difficult situation?
  • Take a deep breath and react appropriately and calmly to the situation.

Begin with a cheerful, upbeat attitude:

My mother-in-law, Pearl Neustein Berger, my mother-in-law, always maintained a cheerful disposition in the face of adversity. She was the sixth of eight children born to Regina and Herman Neustein, who immigrated to America from Austria-Hungary.

She was 41 years old when her partner died of cancer, and she had two children, ages 5 and 13. She lacked both an education and a job. She decided to take matters into her own hands and obtained employment at a New York retail store, where she remained for several years.

She worked incredibly hard to provide for her children while instilling strong moral values in them. She instilled in them the importance of studying, working hard, and helping others. She recognised the significance of participating in religious services on a weekly basis to help reinforce their character.

She worked tirelessly to ensure that both of her children could attend college and graduate school. My husband, Allan, had to register for his next semester of graduate school shortly after my husband and I married. He was taking evening classes because he worked full-time during the day. He couldn’t leave work to go to class registration. I was also working that day.

Pearl Berger, his mother, had the day off from work and promised to get him registered for school. She always had a cheerful disposition and was one of the most caring and honourable people I had the pleasure of knowing. She stood five feet one inch tall and was one of the tallest and strongest women I had ever met. Her caring attitude and dedication to her family, friends, and others made her memorable.

What is the most effective way for you to start your day? Start with a smiling face and a good attitude!

The way you respond and your willingness to share credit for achievements have a big impact on the people you lead.

Former Alabama football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant once said that taking the blame when things go wrong and giving… that’s all it takes to get people to win football games..Bear Bryant, on the other hand, always took the heat from the outside world.If anything goes wrong, I’m to blame. If anything goes halfway right, we did it. If anything goes really well, you did it. It only takes that to get people to win football games. ” -Bear Bryant, Coach

Is this how the great leaders you know act? Is this something you could adopt? It has the ability to unleash tremendous power!What are three things you can do to improve your leadership abilities?

  • Begin your day with a cheerful, positive mindset and a smile.
  • When confronted with a difficult situation, take a deep breath and respond calmly. Coach Bear Bryant stated, “When things go wrong, you must be willing to take the heat.” When situations go well, everyone should take credit. Give credit to individuals and teams when they perform well. “
  • Leaders read for 10 to 15 minutes every day to learn from other leaders in order to solve their problems. Leaders are continually evolving, changing, and responding to challenges as readers and learners.

Madeline Frank, Ph.D., is a best-selling author on Amazon.com, a speaker, a business owner, a teacher, a concert artist, and a parent. She assists organisations in “tuning up their business.” Her observations provide you with the blueprints you need to improve and sustain your business’s success. “Leadership on a Shoestring Budget,” her most recent book, is obtainable in bookstores nationwide. Contact Madeline at mfrankviola@gmail.com if you require a virtual speaker.


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