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The Top 3 Most Desired Items by Men

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The Top 3 Most Desired Items by Men


He isn’t really looking for the ideal woman. He wants you to give him these three things instead.


How much of your time is spent attempting to be the sort of woman that you believe men want?


If you’re like the majority of women, it’s a lot. You spend this time making yourself attractive and sexy.


This time, be sure to introduce yourself as someone who is interesting, normal, and not in the least bit poor. You put this effort into convincing him of your greatness. What a lovely future he’d have if he chose you as the nearby woman…


It also doesn’t function. It will never function. WHY? What motivates you to tighten up? And if he ever alerts you in the slightest, does it mean the other person in your life just underestimates you? It’s most likely because of his age, am I correct? Before it is gone, he cannot see anything for which to be grateful. Or, on the other hand, it may be because you have been doing pretty much everything for him.


If He Doesn’t Put Work Into Your Relationship, He Won’t Value It.




Men most value those things that require a lot of work to obtain.


If you hand a man a school diploma, he won’t value it as highly as he would if he had to put in the time and effort to get it.


If you give a man the perfect girlfriend, he won’t value her as highly as if he had to court her for a long period before she agreed to go out with him. This is the rationale behind why performing works


However, as you’ve probably already seen,


A HUGE problem exists with putting on a performance. Once he has you in his grip completely, that strategy stops working.


When someone chooses that they have won you, something occurs. They essentially believe that the game is over. Now, their thoughts are focused on their next task. What is going on?


Furthermore, how can you keep it from destroying your relationship?


It’s challenging you—all women—to go through this.


(They ask for help because of this.)


Many women give up on love. They never allowed themselves to get too close to a man out of a delusional fear of scaring him away. Nevertheless, other women try a different approach. They get assistance. James Bauer, a relationship expert, is one person they consult.


He saw that many clients were complaining to him about people who were moving back and forth. Everything would be going well, and then it seemed to…


For the time being, something will be altered.


A person who had been approachable, engaging, and intriguing would suddenly distance themselves. He wouldn’t have any energy for her right now. He refused to give him a smile. He had stopped seeing connections. He gave me little kisses. James looked for ways to assist his clients.

And what he discovered clarified everything. He understood the reason for these men’s retreat. He was aware of their needs. also what they were lacking.

It turned out that there was nothing wrong with these women.


Maybe what he dubbed “The Hero Instinct” was what ultimately determined everything.


Most women act in a way that repels men.


without being aware of it.


The fact that women are often compassionate is one of their greatest qualities.


Have a look at you. Typically, you are there by yourself. Because you love him. Usually, you give him a few minutes of your time. Anything for him, you’d do it.


You’ll never comprehend that at the same time…

Actually, you’re taking something away from him. You are taking away his driving force.


You must make him your saint. You are not required to be his saint.


The Saints appeal to men. Look at how many mature guys are still drawn to Marvel comedies and superhero movies.


Every man on the planet has wished to be the kind of saint who can both save the world and win the lady since he was a child.


Most males don’t make use of their 9 to 5 jobs’ reality-saving aspects.


The situation doesn’t need them to cut their corporate connections and act quickly, their superman side. They might not succeed in preserving the planet.They can always manage to get the girls.


It’s challenging for a regular person with a hero’s core to win the girl. It requires superhuman confidence. extraordinary appeal superhuman resistance to suffering Currently, all he needs to learn is…


A young lady in need of a saint. Have you got a hero yet? Let me calculate… You are not that.


You’re a rock. You are independent. A broken fixture can be repaired. Driving a stick shift is possible. You are able to manage yourself. You’ll never make the same mistake as Jerry Maguire and look for a man to kill you.


All things considered, you, as a guy, have a lot to contribute. You lean left. Kind. Cherishing provides a problem. Finding a partner who will accept everything you have to give is all that is required.


Additionally, it explains why saints aren’t showing up in your life. All things considered, it is how you ended up with so many takers. People that steal all you have and leave you defenseless. If you believe you need a saint, you should start campaigning for one. This is the ticket.


Three Ways to Bring a Hero Into Your Life Right Now


Ask someone for assistance.

Ask him for advice on getting a new PC. Ask him to pay attention to the weird shaking noise coming from your car. I request that he reach a first-rate conclusion. Say a heartfelt “thank you” to him at that time, wearing a huge smile of admiration. No, you are not impoverished because of it. It transforms you into a woman who has room for a man in her life.


Men’s organization is fun.

People adore women who like guys just for being men. So picture a situation where his condo is a sacred space for athletes. So take into account the potential that he spends hours practicing with his ideal football team. Imagine a situation where a clean shirt is really the one with the fewest creases for him. He is someone. It’s OK. You don’t need him to be more like you because you already cover the ladylike aspect of the sexual orientation condition.


Allow him the opportunity to earn your respect.

Superheroes enjoy challenges. They would much rather not receive a golden adornment just for showing up. They do not require your unconditional love to serve them. They must acquire it. They want a test far more than an unending supply of a woman’s tortured affection. After that, give him an opportunity to be successful.  You can rely on him to get what you want. Put your feet up, unwind, and give him the pleasure of earning your awe.


Continue to find out


If that seems funny to you, click here to view a video on this relationship-improvement tool. You can use it once and then continue to use it for the rest of your life.

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