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The Only Colours You Should Think About For Your Handbag (and Black Isn’t One of Them)

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The Only Colours You Should Think About For Your Handbag (and Black Isn’t One of Them)

Choosing the right purse for your everyday needs is already a chore. Choosing the ideal colour, on the other hand, might easily elevate things into psychotic territory. Most individuals would choose basic colours like black, grey, khaki, camel, and other brown shades. However, if you prefer bright colours, prints, or patterns, sticking to neutrals can be tedious. Furthermore, because most businesses produce their bags in neutral hues, you may easily blend in with the crowd. However, choosing colours might be dangerous because they may not fit in your wardrobe and may be difficult to combine with the things you currently own. So, how do you solve this problem? Easy! With these fail-safe colours, you can be assured that you’ll stand out from the crowd and complement every colour in your wardrobe. Please thank us afterwards.


The navy is neither light nor dark. It just hits the right note. A very classic colour that can both brighten and polish an outfit. It’s great for days when you simply need a pop of colour but not too much. Navy is produced at the same rate as black in all luxury designer bag lines, so you can rest assured that no matter what style or brand you choose, there is always a navy option.

The colour is available. Plus, if you’re a fan of all things denim, a purse in this colour is a match made in heaven. This looks great with a fresh white shirt or a classic Burberry trench coat.


If you want to command attention without coming across as gaudy or tasteless, then burgundy is the colour for you! This delicate colour is incredibly stylish yet understated, and is closely similar to red without the ugliness. However, it can be difficult to distinguish because the hue changes depending on how a person perceives it. It can appear red-brown, plum, or maroon to others. Remember that burgundy closely resembles the colour of wine, and if you’re still having trouble,

To determine the hue, go no farther than Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2015, Marsala.

Drab Olive

Olive Drab, or “Army Green” as most people refer to it, is the name of the colour seen in military uniforms and camouflage patterns. Olive Drab, like the military trend, is a traditional colour that will never go out of style and goes with every colour in the colour wheel. If you want to add a bit of masculinity and severity to your ensemble without going all black, olive drab is the way to go. Just keep all military-inspired attire to a minimum if you’re wearing this colour to prevent it from seeming like you’re in the army.


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