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The Best Ways to Avoid Contracting Dengue

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The Best Ways to Avoid Contracting Dengue


In Dhaka, the prevalence of dengue disease is rising daily. Neither the infected mosquito nor dengue can be cured. A virus-related fever is dengue. Through mosquitoes, AIDS spreads the dengue fever virus. The dengue virus comes in four varieties. DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4 are these. Any of its diseases can truly cause dengue fever. Dengue fever comes in two different forms.


Hemorrhagic dengue, often known as hemorrhagic fever, is the most severe form of dengue, despite clinical dengue being quite manageable. Antibiotics are frequently not readily available. Treatment is given in accordance with the symptoms that require it. It can self-heal within seven days, just like any other viral fever. Dengue hemorrhagic fever, however, can be terrible.


Acute fever (up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit) and intense body discomfort, particularly in the bones, muscles, waist, and back, are typical dengue symptoms. In addition, there might be discomfort in the eyes and back of the head. Following fever, a skin rash with red teeth that covers the entire body lasts for three to five days, similar to allergies or excessive sweating. It might even make you throw up. Patients with dengue fever experience increased fatigue and a loss of appetite.


Extremely complicated symptoms, including bleeding from different body areas and other issues, are possible with this illness. When menstruation or bleeding starts in girls, there may be long-lasting symptoms of bleeding. In many instances, the condition might manifest as pain in the chest or abdomen, jaundice in patients who have had liver attacks, or kidney and kidney failure.


Dengue does not have specific therapy, although it is crucial to stay hydrated, rest, and consume enough fluids. The only medication that can be used to lower fever is paracetamol. The patient needs to be admitted to the hospital if there are indicators of bleeding together with a fever. The body should be repeatedly wrapped in a moist cloth to lower the fever.


Some foods can aid in the prevention of dengue:


  • Oranges are packed with minerals, including vitamin C, an antioxidant. Let the patient eat oranges if the fever is high. It will lessen diarrhoea and boost digestion.


  • Papaya aids in the recovery of several illnesses. According to studies, papaya seeds can treat illnesses brought on by mosquito bites. Another study discovered that papaya helps dengue patients’ platelets grow. Papaya leaves are also ingested twice a day and aid in the treatment of dengue fever.


  • Stomach issues are frequently a result of dengue fever. As a result, it is not suggested to consume any oily meal that is available now.


  • Dengue fever risk is decreased with herbal tea. Drink ginger, clove, and cinnamon tea.


  • Anemia results from dengue. The water in the dab eliminates the body’s anemia throughout this time. Additionally, it aids in preserving the body’s water equilibrium.


  • You can eat a variety of vegetables, such as carrots, cucumbers, and other greens. These vegetables’ abundant necessary vitamins and minerals boost the body’s defence mechanisms.


  • If dengue fever symptoms develop, allow the patient to take fluids, particularly soups. Both appetite and bone discomfort will be lessened by it.


  • The body’s immunity can be significantly strengthened by vitamin C. So, if dengue symptoms manifest, allow the patient to consume vitamin C-rich fruits like oranges, pineapples, strawberries, guavas, or fruit juice. Viral infections will benefit from this type of juice.


  • Dengue fever can also be effectively treated with nimapara juice.


Being cautious is, however, the simplest approach to preventing dengue. This sickness may be avoided by following basic preventative measures. For instance,


  • In general, AIDS loves to bite mosquitoes 30 minutes before dawn and 30 minutes before dusk. 2. Watch out for mosquito bites occasionally.


  • To eliminate mosquito breeding grounds, they must eradicate their habitat.


  • The water in the flower tub and the open, abandoned tyre of the vehicle must be drained into abandoned containers.


  • Hang a mosquito if you have to sleep during the day.


  • It is best to keep the dengue sufferer under observation. Because a typical Aedes mosquito that bites these patients would likewise become a dengue-carrying mosquito. A healthy individual will develop dengue if they are bitten by the insect again. 


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