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Summer Perfumes That Will Take You to Heaven

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Summer Perfumes That Will Take You to Heaven

Even if you don’t leave the house, the best summer perfumes will transport you. Perfumers recognize that our sense of smell can evoke memories or thoughts of locations we’ve yet to see, and they’ve put that knowledge to good use with the summer 2022 releases. Rather than sticking to the season’s traditional fragrance characteristics, niche house and designer brand makers seemed bent on taking their consumers along for the voyage. The remarkable new arrivals of the moment are transportive; they seek to convey the essence of joyous encounters and historic moments.

Each new fragrance provides an adventure, whether it transports users to the courts of 18th century France or into the luxurious hotels of the 1960s. They make for exciting journeys. With one spritz, you’ll be standing beneath the Northern Lights in a Norwegian fjord; with another, you’ll be frolicking on Malibu’s sun-drenched beaches. The best summer perfumes—and the lovely scenes that inspire them—are a ticket to paradise, optimistic and evocative.

Parfums by Marly Haltane

The French Rococo was the pinnacle of opulence in the 18th century. Extravagant clothing and luxurious scents were in style. Haldane, the latest fragrance from Parfums de Marly, is inspired by the era’s noblemen and their dedication to presentation. Haldane, a startling blend of woods, leather, and agarwood, seems broody on paper. Nonetheless, it’s a study in contrasts, with everything from saffron spiciness to the surprise sweetness of praline, making it a must-try.a suitable choice for dashing men of the past, present, and future

Ex Nihilo: Lust in Paradise Riviera Ltd. Edition

Lust in Paradise, a peony and pink pepper-focused voyage through a lush garden, was released by Ex Nihilo in 2019. The smell and concept are still current, but 2022 called for a change. For the Riviera edition, perfumer Louise Turner flipped her original mixture on its head, bringing the bergamot note to the forefront and amplifying tropical characteristics like flower and tuberose. The limited edition fragrance still transports wearers to an idyllic setting, but the whole experience is warmer and more inviting.

Dior Eden-Roc

When it comes to glitz, few places can compete with the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The French Riviera hideaway has been Since 1870, it has played host to luminaries from the fields of art, business, cinema, and literature. Everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Pablo Picasso and Elizabeth Taylor has visited Antibes’ most famous resort, so it’s only natural that Christian Dior spent some time there. A trip to the A-favorite list’s playground is prohibitively expensive, but perfumer François Demachy has captured the experience in a bottle with the newest addition to Dior’s La Collection Privée. Eden Roc is a tribute to sea air and lazy days in the sun. Its blend of white flowers, citrus, and marine notes may brighten even the darkest day, but it’s even wonderful on hot summer evenings.

Mizensir, Blue Gin,

Alberto Morillas, a master perfumer, cracked open the bottle to create his latest fragrance. The liquor cabinet Blue Gin, his zesty invention for Mizensir, is inspired by gin and the components that give it its distinct flavor. Morillas recreates the drink’s bracing scent with juniper and blackberries, then adds a few chasers. The Mandarin orange and Sichuan pepper lend a sweet-meets-spicy character to the smell, allowing it to explore uncharted territory and capture the attention of teetotalers.

Juliette Has a Gun Magnolia Bliss

Romano Ricci’s brand is still bold, but he isn’t hesitant to experiment with the classic. Juliette Has a Gun is known for daring experiments, such as constructing an entire perfume around Cétalox, a chemical molecule commonly used as a foundation, in 2010’s Not A Perfume. Magnolia Bliss is a crowd-pleasing fragrance featuring tonnes of petitgrain, peony, and freesia that complement the magnolia blossom. A basket of summer produce, including nectarines, plums, ginger, and lemon, adds to the allure, as does Ambroxan, a synthetic musk. On paper, it all sounds simple, yet the combination has enough punch to stand out in a market crowded with fruity blossoms.

Off-White Paperwork

Off-White creative director Virgil Abloh’s final endeavor was the production of a beauty collection to complement his avant-garde creations. The Paperwork collection was created to inspire expression. The range has a lot to offer with its various nail polishes and color-rich pigment sticks. Nonetheless, the scents Abloh created with perfumers Jérome Epinette, Sidonie Lancasseur, and Alexis Dadier are unique. Each solution focuses on a different subject; solution No. 1 is concentrated on the salty aroma of sand, which is contrasted by vetiver and warm patchouli. No. 2 is woodsy and unisex ginger, while No. 3 is an Off-White twist on a rich Damask rose. The fourth and final scent is a rich lavender and eucalyptus blend that is intended to take comfortable notes in a new direction.

Montale ‘Blue Matcha’

Most people are familiar with green maté powder, which is commonly used in cooking, but its cousin is the subject of Montale’s Blue Matcha. While green matcha is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant, indigo matcha is made from butterfly pea blooms, which are found in several Southeast Asian countries. On the first spritz, the fragrant properties of the maté are noticeable. The aromatic elements of the maté are prominent, but as time passes, the darker facets of the scent emerge. Tobacco leaf, cedarwood, and leather notes combine to create a smokey and seductive dry down.

Jennifer Meyer Eau de Parfum

Jennifer Meyer’s fine, handcrafted jewelry has always been subtle, so it stands to reason that her fragrance debut will be as well. Meyer’s namesake Eau de Parfum is all about the ease and simplicity of Southern California life. The perfume is an enticing blend of berries and blossoms inspired by Meyer’s youth in Malibu and her recollections of beach life. Fruity notes like fig, strawberry, and coconut water are combined with subtle traces of sandalwood and crystal musk. The atmosphere is upbeat. positive, and, most importantly, effortless. The scent, housed in a sleek white container that mirrors Meyer’s aesthetic, seemed destined to become a favorite of her devoted celebrity customers such as Hailey Bieber and Kate Hudson.

Vintner’s Daughter Understory Perfume Oil

Vintner’s Daughter is a clean-beautiful gold standard. Its award-winning Active Botanical Serum and Active Treatment Essence have become cult classics because of their carefully sourced ingredients and sustainable production. April Gargiulo, the founder of Understory, wants to carry those values into a new category with an oil-based aroma that is natural, vegan, and manufactured in small amounts to limit waste. Loreto Remsing, a perfumer, wanted to honor our interconnectedness and the harmony seen in plant life. As a result, the aroma is enveloping and lushly green. Through notes like Jasmine and “Redwood Forest Harmony,” a unique blend of conifers, bay moss, and violet, Understory explores the interaction between man and Mother Nature.

Memoir de Paris

You’re not going to the beach just because you’re going on vacation. The fjords of Flam, Norway, are a spectacular location, whether viewed from the world’s steepest train, the gorgeous Flmsbana, or one of the region’s many cruises. You can’t find a flight? Memo Paris’ addictive Flm pays homage to the Northern Lights, which illuminate Flam’s skies from mid-September until April. It gives the impression of being immersed in nature with sharp notes of clary sage, jasmine sambac, and bitter orange; white amber, white musk, and tonka bean provide depth and mystery, keeping you coming back for more.

Colonia Acqua di Parma CLUB

The best times are shared, and Acqua di Parma’s bubbly Colonia C.L.U.B. is all about the pleasures of friendship. The fragrance, an airy blend of bergamot, pink pepper, and lemon, has the sparkle of champagne but with a botanical twist. The addition of cedarwood and rosemary add a green touch, making the experience reminiscent of a stroll through a fragrant herb garden with your dearest friends by your side.

Maisn Crivelli Citrus Batikanga

Maison Crivelli’s luscious Citrus Batikanga is inspired by tropical gardens and abundant fruits. The designer behind classic perfumes such as Dior’s Fahrenheit and many others, says the smell is reminiscent of Comme des Garçons’ private label bestsellers, but its blend of orange bigarade, pepper, and ginger is far from traditional. It goes from fresh to spicy and back again before settling into a woody dry down dominated by cedar and myrrh.

Penhaligon’s Sports Car Club

Although racing is rarely the first sport that springs to mind when thinking of scents, Penhaligon’s latest limited edition is all about the demand for speed. The Sports Car Club is a journey through cypress and eucalyptus fields into a pine woodland. Don’t expect any of the scents associated with fast cars—burnt rubber, gasoline, and air fresheners are all happily absent—this is a refined trip with a high level of sophistication and an atmosphere more akin to the Monaco Grand Prix than the Indianapolis 500. It’s a journey that will have people following your pleasantly fragrant trail, packaged in a charming rendition of the brand’s famed flacon, replete with a miniature white-checkered flag.

Ramon Monegal of FlowerPower

For good reason, Ibiza’s nightlife is famed. The Spanish island has long been a must-see for music fans due to its numerous clubs and performances. Ramon Monegal, a perfumer, traveled back in time to honor its own culture. His “Flowerpower” is a homage to the 1960s counterculture and its bohemian, free-love ethos. Monegal utilizes gardenia, peony, and Berlandieral, aka chocolate flower, to create a succulent imagination, evoking psychedelia by producing smells that do not exist in nature. To keep the party going, the fantasy note is mixed with heady components like sandalwood, praline, patchouli, and absinthe.


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