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Scammers prey on those suffering from mental illnesses

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Scammers prey on those suffering from mental illnesses.


People who open up about their mental health issues are becoming heroes in today’s culture.


In the midst of the government raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, major news agencies have been unrelenting in promoting the concept that “extreme right-wing organisations are advocating violence…” Civil War Conflict… “


It appears like a civil war has already begun here.


These people who “go on” with their experiences are true heroes.


I hope that was clear.”Mental health concerns” is a trademark. It is advertised and sold in the same manner as SUVs, morning cereal, whiskey, and body lotion.


The National Association on Mental Disorders made a shocking statement about a survey of college students. This should give you an idea of how effective the sales pitch has been:

Furthermore, “students are now more ready to obtain university mental health therapy,” they discovered. 

In 2015, about 20% of respondents said they had used these services…


In addition, 75% of students reported an interest in using university counselling services.


These services serve as a conduit for patients to receive a diagnosis of a mental disorder and subsequent medication.


These medications are the main draw and income generator.


The medications cause serious mental health problems. It is evident that some people who claim to have mental health problems nowadays are actually reporting the side effects of medications.


Many people who claim to be “excited” by specific phrases or thoughts are really discussing the impacts of drugs. However, these pupils are ignorant of this.


Psychiatry, by promoting devilishly illogical nonsense, opens the way to the definition of multiple nonexistent categories of consciousness. Fairy tales and mythology are low-cost forms of fiction.


Now is the time to provide the facts against psychology, demonstrating once and for all how defective this “science” is.


To begin, we must consider whether psychiatric disorders can be described by scientific principles. There are roughly 350 of them in existence now. Their population explodes in the same way as fruit flies do.


For the past decade, a well-kept truth has progressively permeated the general public: There is NO SUCH THING AS A DEFINITIVE LABORATORY TEST FOR ANY Pseudo-mental DISEASE.


There will be no diagnostic procedures performed on the patient, including but not limited to blood, urine, spit, neuroimaging, or genetic testing.


Then there’s this: panels of psychologists select a variety of aberrant human actions and then construct names, labels, descriptions, and diagnostic categories for each one, resulting in a plethora of so-called psychological diseases.


The American Psychiatric Association (APA) regularly publishes its findings in revisions of The Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).


Psychiatrists and others in the area have raised concerns about this “research” for several years.


Human pain does exist. People do experience hardships. Yes, they feel agony and suffering. for a variety of reasons. However, this is a different claim than saying that suffering can be classified as an individual. Prescription Psychiatric Medication


It’s no wonder that pharmaceutical companies, who make incredibly toxic drugs to treat all of those “abnormalities,” are leading the charge to invent new psychological categories in order to maximise sales of those meds and hence profits.


Does ADHD Exist? was the title of a PBS Frontline documentary. Dr. Russell Barkley, a well-known psychiatrist and neurologist who teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Medical School, unintentionally divulged the ruse.


According to the PBS FRONTLINE reporter, detractors argue that there are no physical symptoms, that ADHD is the only condition without a blood test, and that the core cause of the disorder is unclear.


Barkley: That is completely illogical and demonstrates serious scientific and psychological health literacy deficiencies. Blood testing is not required to validate an illness. If this were the case, these mental diseases would have been rendered ineffective. There is currently no scientific approach for identifying mental illnesses in a laboratory environment. In any case, it does not render them ineffective.


This is the situation: the federal government has given the psychiatric sector permission to become the exclusive supplier of mental health treatment.


Because of the nature of their occupations, these psychiatric “professionals” are among the strangest people living.


Why do psychiatrists always get a free pass? Each of them keeps a journal. They are frequently seen in schools and clinics. They provide testimony in court processes. They enjoy the support of several of the world’s most powerful corporations, including Big Pharma. People have faith in them since they are medical professionals.


The most troubling aspect is that the therapists trust their own marketing.


They are gradually but steadily indoctrinated via their official schooling.


When they are awake, they are mesmerised.


These are people who have reached the pinnacle of wealth and have no intention of giving up everything in the name of charity or sincerity.


What about the parents and children? Jimmy, we are pleased that you have chosen to enhance your education. There is now a one-quarter chance that you may be diagnosed with a mental disorder while you are there. This is a good step. You will be assisted. Take note of what the medical practitioner says. Simply consume the tablets.


Of course, no parent would ever say something like that. But that is exactly what parents are unintentionally training their children for.


Jimmy, this university is really a mental hospital. On the other hand, you’ll learn something helpful in the classroom.


Yes, there is more to come. And even more.But I’ll left it in that state for the time being.


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