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Our goal is to produce quality rather than quantity

Our goal is to produce quality rather than quantity

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Our goal is to produce quality rather than quantity!   

  Given that SMS has been shown to be among the most successful marketing and sales methods, SMS marketing must receive special consideration when discussing mobile marketing. Because no other marketing tool can provide such a high efficiency rate, SMS was sent to your phone and was opened within 3 minutes with an astounding 98 percent open rate! marketing is the most practical method of communicating your company’s message to clients and potential customers.

While there are many cutting-edge solutions available thanks to mobile technology, some “good old things” will always be in style. We’ll use some recent digital advertising statistics to demonstrate this, which show that a stunning 96 percent of smartphone users text!

As a result, SMS texting is still crucial to users despite all the advancements in mobile technology. Because of this, smart digital marketers won’t ignore SMS marketing.

One such platform that might enhance your SMS marketing efforts is MOBtexting.

What are the best applications for sending out bulk SMS messages?

  • SMS marketing is widely used.
  • Notifications conveyed
  • Warns
  • Observations
 Safety inspections (password confirmation)
  • Product details
  • News
  • SMS broadcasts
  • Recreational (competitions)
  • Various types of text messages

 Who employs our Bulk SMS application?

This kind of messaging is reportedly utilised by:

  • Commercial brands
  • Businesses
  • Banks
  • Publications

Large airlines

  • Tour operators
  • Medical professionals
  • Significant consumer websites
  • stores, etc.

They use our service for what purpose?

Since they have a sizable user and customer base that needs to be informed about something at once. All of these enterprises require a productive approach to communicate these communications to their audience, whether they are a reminder, an alert, or some news. Bulk texting, however, is not just used by large corporations. SMEs are urged to use this service. Even though digital marketing is regarded as amongst the most effective methods of reaching customers, very few emails are actually read. The same danger does apply to paid advertising. However, since messages are delivered straight to a device to which people are so used to and can be read and viewed without the need for an internet connection, this risk is profitable. This conversation is best if you would like to engage customers and stay on their “agenda,” as evidenced by the fact that even 98 percent of SMS messages are opened and read.

By enabling you to approach clients with the most crucial information or commodities they require from you at the most appropriate time, mass messaging can help you expand your business and improve sales and revenue. Depending on the type of enterprise you are in and your business objectives, you can guide them through the sales funnel to achieve macro (buy) conversions or entice little micro engagements.

Batch messaging is a great tool for creating engaging wireless promotional activities that will not only help you generate more income but also help people remember and stick with your brand. You can use several apps and a mass messaging service to conduct fun contests, intriguing voting campaigns, or Q&A sessions. Such marketing initiatives will undoubtedly bring in more customers to your physical and mortar locations because word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective 21st-century marketing strategy. To advertise your competitions and solicit entries, send out bulk SMS.

Who else can utilise a mass text messaging service to their benefit and boost user and customer satisfaction? Mass texting can be used by both public and private schools to quickly communicate appropriate guidance and educators. In order to send out invites or special offers, hotels and restaurants can also think about adopting the notion of bulk SMS. Publishers, theatres, cinemas, and galleries are all excellent candidates for deploying mass text message services to promote new books or to invite people to book premieres and exhibits.



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