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My Extraordinary Text Message

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My Extraordinary Text Message


Just read this narrative about my buddy Sarah, and I guarantee you’ll be surprised by what happens to her at the conclusion.


“I want to be with you forever and ever,” he said softly in Sarah’s ear.


Her heartbeat quickened, her pupils dilated, and her hands began to sweat…


Could it be true? She pondered.


Is it possible that I’m the one for him?


Sarah’s entire life has been marked by grief and despair. Until she met her soulmate, that is.


His name was Mark, and he was fantastic. 

He was tall, charismatic, and wildly successful. Every month, he whisked her away to an exotic Caribbean island or a charming European town. She couldn’t believe how wonderful their lives had been. Every time he crossed her mind, she couldn’t help but smile.


“If I could transplant my soul into your body, I’m sorry to say, but I definitely would,” her closest friend Jen joked.


Nothing in her life could have been more perfect… until she appeared.


The lovely new intern in Mark’s workplace… She was seven years Sarah’s junior, slim, and exuded the type of youthful flirtatiousness that most men like.


Sarah wasn’t concerned at first because Mark had always been fiercely devoted… But this time, everything simply seemed… different.


And as time passed, Sarah began to see something peculiar and troubling about Mark and the intern… She realized they were spending more and more time together at work…


They’d always email one another about business late at night. But Sarah told herself that “work was work” and tried not to worry about it…


Until her buddy Jen said something that sent her imagination racing…


“Please don’t be alarmed,” Jen said, “but I think I spotted Mark and that new intern…holding hands…at the park last night. “But I’m not certain…”


Sarah’s heart dropped to the floor the instant Jen said those words.


Was this true? Her heart started pounding furiously. It felt like all of her worst nightmares were coming true… She knew she had to address Mark, but as soon as she did, he exploded…


“Of course I’m not interested in her!” I adore you. “No way.”


But things didn’t feel the same after that.


Was he being truthful? She thought to herself.


She lay awake at night, looking at the ceiling, wondering if Mark could really hurt her that badly. Every time Mark’s phone rang, she felt a surge of fear rush through her…


Why is she messaging him at such a late hour? Why is she always messaging him?


The more she broached the subject with him, the colder and more distant he grew.


And after a few weeks of excruciating worry, Sarah disnevered something that made her laugh and weep all at once.


Jen was completely correct about Mark and the intern. She had mistaken them for a couple down the street who looked remarkably identical to them…


But the harm had already been done… Mark was becoming increasingly distant and distracted.


Worryingly, he wasn’t messaging her back as promptly as he used to… He used to respond to her in seconds or minutes, but now she had to wait for hours.


The anxiety of waiting caused a knot in her gut. She wasn’t sure if he was upset with her or not.Or maybe he couldn’t be bothered… 

She was a nervous wreck, constantly thinking about when he was going to leave her…


Until one day, some weeks later,… It eventually occurred.


Sarah received that fateful message from Mark informing her that it was all over… As a result, she dropped her phone…


It felt as though her life had hit rock bottom.


Her vision clouded as tears flowed down her cheeks… She felt her knees weaken and her stomach lurch… She wondered whether she’d ever find someone to love her the way Mark had.


And while she sat there, feeling more alone than she ever had before, she was staring blankly at her damaged phone… She remembered the strange sort of text message her buddy had mentioned… the one that claimed to make any man feel a deep, burning obsession for whoever sent it…


She felt it was absurd at the time… But she wrote it in and sent it nevertheless, with no real intention of hearing back from him.


And very immediately, he texted her that one word:




And while she gazed at that single phrase, unsure how to answer, her phone began to ring… It was him…


It was strange to see his name pop up like that. He never called…


She’d hardly said ‘hi’ when he blurted out, “Sarah, I need to see you.” “Could we please talk?”


She agreed to allow him over… And the entire night… Mark begged Sarah’s pardon… Forever thinking about abandoning her… and for believing that his life could ever be complete without her.


The text reminded him of everything nice they’d done together… And he was terrified that he’d never find another match like her again.


Finally, he uttered what she had been hoping to hear for months: “I’m in love with you… and I’m never, ever going to leave you.”


“I’m madly in love with you… and I’m never, ever going to leave you.”


So, who was this enigmatic buddy that informed Sarah about the most significant text messages ever? Well, well… Please, drum roll… It was my fault! North, Amy! WINK


I’ve been studying the science of love and attraction for almost ten years, and I’ve learnt how simple words can make any guy melt with the purest kind of desire for you…


To invade his head with romantic and yearning ideas, and how to get him to adore you unconditionally? Until he has to get down on one knee and utterly devote himself to you and only you.


So, what exactly is this SMS message and how does it function?


And how does it make your boyfriend fall in love with you in a way that just 1% of women ever do?


You only need to know three simple things to understand how it works.

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