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Method for Dehydrating Mangoes:

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Method for Dehydrating Mangoes:

Dried mango with no added sugar

  • ten mangos
  • two tablespoons honey
  • 12 cups of fresh lemon juice

Begin with organic, fresh, ripe mangos. When you press your fingers into the peel, it should be pliable but not so soft that the fruit meat is spoiled.This will make it easy to slice and dehydrate the mango properly.

This can be a complicated and challenging situation. Cut both ends of each mango so that the golden interior is visible. Place the mango on one of the flattened sides and peel it carefully with a sharp knife or mango slicer.

Finally, after removing the peel, cut the mango fruit into 14″ slices. It is more crucial.

Preheat your fruit leather oven to 135°F. Stir together the honey and lemon juice until smooth, then dip each slice in, shaking off any excess moisture. The lemon juice’s citrus flavour will protect the mango meat from browning.

Dried mango, unsweetened

Simply leave out the honey. You’ll keep the mango’s natural, sweet tanginess as well as its excellent nutrients.

Place the mango slices on the dehydrator trays. Allow for air and moisture flow and effective dehydration by leaving space between each item.

Allow 8 hours for drying. Check the pliableness of the mango dried fruit; it should be solid and the stickiness should have vanished. Allow it to dry for as long as necessary, having in mind that the dried mango will be wet somewhat after 30 minutes of cooling.

  • Mango dehydrator recipes
  • Mango coated in chocolate

Bittersweet or dark chocolate with dehydrated mango

Warm the chocolate in a skillet over low heat, chopped. We chose dark chocolate because of its antioxidant benefits and because it pairs so well with the natural flavour of mango. Stir the chocolate repeatedly until it achieves a liquid consistency.

Remove the chocolate from the heat and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Dip each dehydrated mango slice in the chocolate and set them on a baking sheet.

Refrigerate the entire sheet of chocolate-covered mango slices for 30 minutes. They’re now ready to eat or store in zip-top bags!

This method can also be used to make a spicy dried mango. Before hardening the chocolate in the fridge, sprinkle a touch of hot pepper, such as cayenne, on the freshly dipped chocolate mango slices.

Mango juice dried in a fruit dryer

You can produce your own mango powder by pureeing and drying the fruit. Simply liquefy full chunks of peeled mango fruit in a fruit processor. To achieve the desired consistency, add water or fruit juice as needed.

Preheat your dry fruit machine to 135°F. Pour the mango puree onto 14″ thick solid, nonstick drying trays and dry until solid and unsticky. blend into a fine powder after 30 minutes of cooling.

Simply mix the fruit juice powder with water. The nutrition and flavour of mango fruit speak for themselves, especially since the flavours concentrate and amplify when mango is dehydrated.

A fruit jerky dehydrator will let you make simple, practical snacks that will save you time and money!


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