Jan Niemiec has been promoted to Vice President of National Security and Defense at Cisco.

I am pleased to announce Jan Niemiec’s appointment as Vice President of Cisco’s National Security and Defense Group (NSDG). NSDG is made up of seasoned people, ranging from premier scientists and solution engineers to veterans of the defence and intelligence communities, who are dedicated to improving the Department of Defense’s competitive posture and industrial base for America’s national security.

Cisco’s National Security and Defense Group solves the world’s hardest cyber issues for clients with “can’t fail” missions, from managing our customers’ worldwide networks with over 3 million users to updating mission systems with intelligence-driven cybersecurity and innovation.

“I am thrilled to be leading Cisco’s new National Security and Defense Group.” I am aware that we face significant challenges in assisting the government with its most critical objectives while also offering world-class solutions in Zero Trust, Multi-Cloud, and Hybrid Work. I’d want to convey my appreciation to Carl and my administration for giving me this important task. Jan Niemiec, vice-president of the NSDG

“Niemiec will use his background in government security and innovation, as well as his grasp of the company’s goal, to help with the development and deployment of technology platforms in support of the Federal and US public sectors.

Niemiec has worked with Cisco for about 18 years and has held many leadership positions inside the firm. Most recently, he served as the senior director of national security operations.

Prior to joining Cisco, he was a regional executive at Sun Microsystems and a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force.

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