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Is Barracuda the Best Spam Elimination Solution

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Is Barracuda the Best Spam Elimination Solution?

So you realise you need a better solution to reduce spam and safeguard your company from viruses. If you’ve done any research, you’re probably thinking that Barracuda Networks or another spam-blocking appliance is your best bet. Let us look into this further.

The expense of ongoing licensing costs will be a problem with every piece of equipment you install. This is in addition to the original capital outlay for the appliance itself. Although Barracuda does a fantastic job at filtering spam, the appliance must constantly be managed with ongoing updates and patches.

Then there’s the matter of backscatter. Barracuda Spam Firewalls are frequently set up to automatically reply to spam emails by informing the sender that their email has been banned. The issue is that spammers frequently forge valid email addresses by faking the “From” address in spam emails. Backscatter occurs when Barrcuda automatically answers an innocent person’s fake email address. As Barracuda sends an auto response to each of these counterfeit email addresses, the innocent recipient will naturally designate this as spam numerous times each day. If you use Barracuda’s auto respond to spam capability, your organization might be blacklisted. Because our site has been flagged as a spammer, some of your company’s regular emails will no longer be sent. That’s not good.

Yes, you may set the Barracuda Spam Firewall to not automatically reply to prohibited spam emails, although this too presents issues. What if there is a false positive, which means that a real individual sends an email that is wrongly banned as spam, and there is no response informing him that his email was blocked? This might be frustrating for the individual who wrote the email, or it could result in a lost transaction if the sender was interested in purchasing from your company and believed you were just being unresponsive.

Assume you’ve found a solution to the backscatter problem and have lots of time to manage the equipment with updates and modifications. How would you handle hard disk lockups? Seagate Barracuda debuted their biggest hard drive, the Barracuda 7200.11, in July of 2008, but it was plagued by lockups from the start. Seagate has subsequently given firmware upgrades to help resolve the issue, but it appears that some customers are still suffering lockups and, in some cases, outright failures.

This hard disc problem will most likely be resolved by Seagate Barracuda, but that is not the point. The argument is that anti-spam device hardware can malfunction and requires continual maintenance and monitoring.As good as Barracuda is, preventing For stopping spam and viruses from infiltrating your company’s network, there is a better and more cost-effective alternative to consider.

If you own a small or medium-sized firm, you should definitely consider MX Logic’s managed service. When you include the costs of acquiring, installing, administering, and upgrading a hardware device, MX Logic becomes the most cost-effective option. Furthermore, MX Logic has one of the strongest track records for spam prevention. In fact, it has been independently tested to stop 99% of all spam while having one of the industry’s lowest false positive rates. The service’s operation is easy. Simply point your mail exchange record (also known as your MX record) to the MX Logic Email Defense Service. As a result, all of your emails are screened before they reach your network firewall. To guard against email threats, the Email Defense Service employs a unique multilayered system comprising more than 20 distinct filters. When the service detects a suspicious email, it quarantines it so that you or your administrator may evaluate it and determine whether or not the email is real.

MX Logic engineers are always upgrading their filters and monitoring the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you never have to worry about updating anything yourself. Free technical help is also accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By using this service, you effectively get to tap into the abilities of highly qualified professionals who live and breathe this material.

Barracuda Networks has been shown to be an excellent tool for eliminating spam across the company. However, as more firms turn to managed services to help save IT expenses, MX Logic also stands out as an efficient spam removal option.

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