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How To React To Negative Online Reviews

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How To React To Negative Online Reviews


You may be unsure of how to reply back if your firm has received a scathing review. You may believe that your inability to respond renders you unresponsive and out of touch. In reality, there are a variety of strategies for dealing with negative online reviews. Following a few simple guidelines can help to limit the damage that these reviews can cause. In this article, we’ll look at how to interact with negative reviews proactively and establish relationships with customers. 

There are various strategies for reacting to negative online reviews, but they all have one thing in common: they can be extremely damaging to a business. While direct responses are frequently the most effective, there are occasions when they are inappropriate. Fake reviews are feasible, but they are rare, and the overwhelming majority of feedback from customers is genuine. Even if a customer’s review is completely baseless, it is critical to create a procedure for dealing with negative reviews.

While responding to terrible reviews is not the most effective way to resolve a dispute, it can show that a company values its customers. It can also demonstrate that it is willing to change its practices if the customer is dissatisfied. Respond to the review by emphasising your values, if possible. “We value your satisfaction level,” for example, is a key point to emphasise in a response. Likewise, you should emphasise your company’s values and standards.


This will help to make customers feel valued.


The most important step for a business owner to take when responding to a negative review is to remain objective. This can assist you in gaining the customer’s trust and demonstrating that you take their complaints seriously. However, you must first admit your mistake and apologise. According to a 2015 study, only 37% of customers are satisfied with monetary remedies. 74% of customers, on the other hand, would trust a company if it apologised for its error.


Negative reviews must be addressed and not allowed to harm a company’s reputation. Although no company wants to be the subject of a negative review, the consequences of ignoring these reviews can be severe. Negative feedback

However, failing to respond to them can endanger your prestige and company. You should respond to the review with caution and concern to avoid further harm. But first, consider Google’s recommendations for small business owners. 

Addressing the issue as soon as possible is the best method for reducing the influence of a negative review. Keep an eye on the evaluation and respond as soon as possible. Avoid getting personal and launching an angry rant at the customer when reacting to a negative review. Instead, keep your responses brief and, if possible, take the conversation offline. So how do you handle critical criticism? Here are some pointers:


How to Address Negative Online Reviews


Negative reviews can be upsetting for both the business owner and the customer. While the purchaser may appear to be to blame for their discontentment, this is not the case. It would be advantageous if you tried and failed to respond to these evaluations to demonstrate to the customer that you value their feedback. Try to personalise your responses whenever possible. This shows that you give a damn about your customers’ feedback.

When going to respond to terrible opinions, keep in mind that you will have the same influence on other customers as the commenter. React favourably to show that you are sorry and value the customer’s concern. Remember that 89 percent of customers have had similar experiences. You can defuse tense situations by expressing sympathy and understanding. Take the time to apologise and make amends if you have provided subpar service.


It is critical to apologise when responding to negative reviews. You should provide a full reimbursement or a free service from the same provider, as well as a voucher or a voucher service. The key is to tailor the response to the individual’s specific circumstances. The customer’s reaction decides whether the business keeps or loses them. Make a point of following up with a verbal exchange to explain your response.


When responding to negative reviews, be genuine and humanise the author. Irrespective of how well-crafted your response is, poor comments frequently sound the same. Keep in mind, nevertheless, that those who constantly whine the most are usually the most vocal supporters of the company. So, strike a balance between being sympathetic and pleasing the negative reviewer. This will help to ensure that you don’t aggravate the situation by failing to address the reviewer’s concerns. 

Negative reviews can assist the company owner to understand friction points and patterns while also limiting the business’s damage. Negative feedback can also serve as an early warning system for making ineffective changes. If you disregard the feedback, it may be too late to resolve the issue. If you can’t afford to read negative reviews, you should probably look elsewhere.


As a company owner, you should not take the situation personally. You will most likely receive more negative reviews as you progress, and it is not infrequent to receive five negative reviews. You will ultimately get 500 scathing comments, but keep in mind that five bad reviews do not constitute an equitable failure. It’s best to treat each review as a learning experience, and don’t let a bad review ruin your professional image. 

Negative online reviews can be aggravating, but they don’t have to spell disaster. It is not impossible to eliminate them. But it’s not going to be easy. You can lessen their impact by making it possible for your customers to comprehend and hear them. A logical response also shows your consumers that you value their feedback. So, how do you handle negative feedback?

Similarly, if an evaluator mentions an employee, address it privately. Try to provide additional features that accentuate the company’s services if at all possible. This will make it easier for your customers to return to you.


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