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How to Quit Concerning What Others Might Think

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How to Quit Concerning What Others Might Think.


Don’t be too serious in life. In any case, nobody survives.


This quote really surprised me when I first read it the other day. Its message is succinct, straightforward, and simple, yet it’s also very simple to forget.


We are all currently experiencing a significant time in the history of the globe. Commercial space travel seems to be decades away, yet there are constantly fresh ideas entering and exiting our newsfeeds as a result of the enormous technological advancements we are seeing. We also live in a digital age, a period when we spend a lot of time on our phones; the typical Briton spends over 33 hours a week, or one and a half days, hooked up to their screens. In a year, we would spend more than 72 days staring down at this virtual world as opposed to looking up at the natural world in front of us.


What is this virtual world made of? Why are we all so obsessed with our smartphones? Why have phones become the nation’s most popular pastime? The pastime that people won’t give up…the addiction that has no cure.


Unfortunately, nothing good comes of it. This virtual world is a fantastical place. In a society where people upload phony photos of their lives on social media in an effort to get likes, In a world where kids can swipe a million times every day and watch senseless videos from dawn until dusk. Our phones provide us with a fictitious sense of security. We quickly experience dopamine highs that we devour like drugs. They steal our imagination and inventiveness. Instead, our phones give us a false impression of reality in which we are more interested in what a complete stranger is doing on Instagram than in what we are actually doing.


I don’t want this to make people feel bad about using their phones. Because we continually compare ourselves to others on social media and in this virtual world where popularity is measured by followers and likes, I am writing this. Our relationships with others and our confidence are being destroyed.


I’ll return to the quote shortly.


Don’t be too serious in life. In any case, nobody survives.


I’ll confess that I kind of paraphrased that, but the point still stands. When we use social media—every Snapchat tale we watch, every Tinder swipe, every inflated LinkedIn post we read—when we use social media—we are comparing. It’s one of the most unhealthy things a person can do, and over the past 20 years, it has wreaked havoc on society. But we go on.


Why the quote? Don’t take yourself and life too seriously. The most crucial thing we can do is act like humans, because that is who we are. Stop comparing yourself to other people.Put an end to your concern over what someone 100 miles away might think of your LinkedIn post. Stop worrying about if a former classmate who you haven’t spoken to in a long time would like your Facebook photo. Keep your attention on you and enjoy yourself. Other than yourself, there is no one else you need to impress. Life is much too brief.


I’m not suggesting that you quit utilizing social media or your phone. Going cold turkey with technology, in my opinion, would not be effective, so doing this would be counterproductive. I’m advocating that you make use of technology as a tool instead. the intended manner. Reduce the time you spend on your phone and take a walk instead. Visit your grandchildren’s or grandparents’ Sit in the sunshine outside. You may develop yourself by doing nothing more than sitting down or taking a short stroll to give your brain a break from the continual action of using social media. Your relationships will flourish, and your mind and imagination can both be creative.


Never take yourself too seriously. Your happiness and health come first. Your career and social standing come after that. We all only have one life to live, and nobody escapes it unscathed.


You must choose to break away from the group. Don’t let the mindless, deceptive virtual world of likes and followers overtake you.


It’s not that deep, to put it simply. You should lead the life you deem appropriate. Don’t care what others think. Our time here on this lovely planet is limited.


Accept that when you stop looking down and begin looking straight ahead at the route ahead, wonderful things will occur in your life.

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