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How to Keep Your Festival Phone Chargers Charged

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How to Keep Your Festival Phone Chargers Charged!


You’re having the time of your life at the Glastonbury music festival. Maintaining a fully charged phone is necessary if you don’t want to miss any of the excitement. I would wish that there were some advice on how to keep these phones charged! Oh, there they are, I see. Here is a collection of our top eight favourites. These are your best recommendations for festival phone chargers.


1.Bring Along a Portable Power Bank.


A battery pack is a great phone charger for festivals if you’ll be attending one where charging your phone will be difficult. They are compact, portable, and provide a charging connector for electronics (and even power laptops in emergencies). They work well for any outdoor activity or camping trip where electricity is not always available.


2.Keep Your Phone’s Brightness Low.


It’s crucial to keep your phone charged if you plan to use it at a music event. Fortunately, there are a few simple methods you can use to accomplish this without a phone charger.


It’s astounding how much energy a screen at maximum brightness consumes. Turn the screen brightness as low as you can to conserve energy so you can record those festive moments. In a pitch-black tent, you won’t have any trouble seeing what’s on your screen.


3.Use the Aircraft Mode.


It’s likely that turning off the internet connection on your phone will extend its battery life if you’re at a festival. See the additional ways you may conserve power below:


Stop using location services. You don’t have to constantly be aware of where everyone is.


Disable bluetooth (if applicable). With so much going on around you, why would you want to check in on an app?


Disable any apps and background activities that connect to the internet without your knowledge, such as Facebook and Twitter.


Turning off WiFi won’t use as much energy as cellular data or 4G/5G cellular data connections, so don’t worry about it as much.


However, if there is no other option, turn off this feature to maximise battery life when attending lengthy events like concerts or camping trips, since they take longer than most people realise!


4.At the Festival, Request to Use Someone Else’s Phone Charger.


You don’t need to be concerned if your battery is running low when you’re at a festival. If you know where to search, there are many options for getting power while you’re on the go! In some locations, it can be quite simple to locate an outlet, but, if not, seek assistance from someone else who has a functioning phone.


Ask politely if they would be willing to lend you their charger, as they have already been so kind (and patient) to allow you to use theirs. You might leave with two smartphones that are fully charged!


5.Don’t Use Social Media.


One thing I’ve discovered from going to music festivals is that social media apps are the worst when it comes to drained batteries.


Despite the fact that Facebook and Instagram allow users to submit photographs in real-time, these two apps are infamous for consuming an excessive amount of battery life (and space). Therefore, turn off these apps and savour the moment!


6.A Phone Should Not Be Used as a Flashlight.


At the conclusion of the night, when your favourite band is performing what you believe to be their final song, we all enjoy using our phones to collectively illuminate the night sky. This is one method of rapidly draining your battery, though. Keep your phone in your pocket and resist the urge to join in.


7.Avoid Using Your Smartphone as a Camera.


I realise this is a contentious issue, but in order to preserve the battery, sacrifices must be made. Your cell phone’s battery will be quickly depleted if you take images or, worse, videos. Think about purchasing a separate camera that can capture the full festival weekend on a single charge.


8.Charge Completely Before Leaving and While Travelling.


Bring additional power cables so you can charge your devices before leaving the house or arriving at a music festival.




By using the advice in this article, you can keep your phone charged while keeping up with everything going on around you during a music festival. Try these out to get the most out of your upcoming festival! I hope you found the post on festival phone chargers interesting. Why not look through our questions section, which includes all the information you need to know about phone chargers?


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