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How to Control FATIGUE

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How to Control FATIGUE

We are gradually resuming operations and relaxing the lockdown. Different locations have experienced varying degrees of lockdown, and individuals have taken it seriously to varying degrees. Regardless, it’s already been a long haul managing the limits and their impact, as well as researching what this means for the future, as this epidemic isn’t going away anytime soon. Is the reality of how long this will last hitting you hard? You are not, by any means, alone! People are tired, but we can overcome this!

Let’s start with a definition of weariness. It is related to:


Being in an entirely different day-to-day environment/context than usual (being locked-in with loved ones ongoingly without respite)


Developing and managing a unique daily routine and process (adjusting to our days being different than usual with all the new intricacies of restrictions to boot)


Learning how to execute our jobs in an entirely new way (learning, working, and managing life solely online)


Having fewer resources, facilities, and services (having to do without childcare, cleaning and other services, personal care services, and the like)

Mitigating present financial and other obligations to others (carrying expenses in the face of less income or revenue, having sick family members to tend to, having larger responsibilities at work, and so on)

On top of everything else, we must take care of our health if we become ill. (feeling ill or becoming very ill, requiring a complete adjustment of priorities)

Suffering from traumatic events, loss, and grief (getting triggered, losing loved ones, missing out on life milestones and celebrations) 

Limiting social and other interactions (having fewer opportunities for connecting outside our inner circle and having additional contact)


Missing out on activities, events, and outings (being limited in our repertoire and opportunities to refresh ourselves and savor life)


Dealing with the unknown, uncertainty, and being prepared for what the future may bring (constantly wondering what’s going on and what’s next, not knowing what to do or how to proceed)


Phew! Not for nothing, after all! You could possibly have other items to add to this list. It is a perfect reason to be tired. I’d want to offer you a gold star for sticking with it to this point. Yes, it is difficult, and it is understandable that you are exhausted.

However, despite the problems and obstacles, how you emerge from this epidemic is ultimately up to you. It is entirely up to you what you choose to concentrate on. How you feel is entirely up to you. It is entirely up to you how you choose to show up. It is entirely up to you what you do about anything. Keep an eye out for ideas that can trip you up and prevent you from properly absorbing and embracing this!


Second, what are you going to do?


It’s time to seize the bull by the horns and reclaim control of your life. Even while it makes sense to be tired, it doesn’t have to kick your butt! It doesn’t have to be this way. To begin with:


Don’t pit yourself against people or the situation-what you allow yourself to think will reinforce the sentiments you are experiencing. Don’t think yuck, doom, calamity, and worst-case scenarios. Instead, consider what is a lesson for you: where you need to grow, what opportunities this presents, how you can serve better, and so on.

Consider how you would like to be… How are you already that way, and how can you become that way?


Consider what you want to do with the rest of the year. What philosophy will you choose, and how will you live your life in accordance with it?

Approaching life from this perspective is more empowering and reduces stress and exhaustion. I assure you it is inspiring and motivational.

The important thing is to want to feel well. Sometimes we just want to wallow in our own misery… We enjoy whining, complaining, and debating conspiracy theories. Listen, regardless of what is happening on the outside, you have control over what is going on inside your head… Because that is where perspective, feelings, and decisions are produced, and where life is made…


ASSIGNMENT: Decide to feel better, to take control of your thoughts, and to take control of your life…


Make a note of all the thoughts and scripts that are racing through your head, review them for logical correctness, and then tidy them up.


Determine what ideals you want to live by and how you want to present yourself. Clean up any portions of your routine that are impeding this.


Choose one accomplishment to have under your belt during the lockdown and one for the rest of the year. Concentrate on achieving the goals and sharing them with loved ones to infuse them with positive karma. The remaining tasks are secondary… Set your priorities accordingly.


That’s all. Don’t overthink things. Don’t make things too complicated. You have the capacity to do anything you choose. Set your mind to it and follow through.

You will feel considerably better when you simplify your approach and focus your attention… Even with limitations, you’ll be able to refuel, develop community, and enrich your life more easily. You’ve got this!


Have fun recharging!


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