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How is Microsoft assisting children in the next school year

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How is Microsoft assisting children in the next school year?

The end of summer might represent the change from summer to fall foliage for many individuals who live in the Northern Hemisphere. However, for students, the end of summer may signal a return to school and all the chances that may be waiting there. For those of us at Microsoft who are getting ready to assist students’ goals to gain skills that will help them prepare for their future careers, the start of the academic year is an exciting moment.

Join forces, find inspiration, and develop.

Microsoft is dedicated to providing students with the tools they need to network with their peers and develop the skills necessary to get the employment they want. Come join us at the Microsoft Student Summit in 2022, where university students from across the world may learn about and digitally interact with their local Microsoft student developer community, apply tech skills and career guidance, and be motivated to start inventing. With local hosts and speakers, this three-hour event will begin on October 7 and be held in local time zones. Topics will include career counselling, introductions to cloud-enabled developer tools, the commencement of the Imagine Cup, project ideation, and brainstorming.

Develop, find, and learn new talents.

Visit the Microsoft Learn Student Hub to learn more about the technological skills you can develop to get ready for the future. Student learning covers the technology that will enable you to learn Python, the fundamentals of web development, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; visualising data for Power BI; and even cybersecurity, whether you are just starting down the path of technical skilling or looking to enhance the skills you already have.

With Microsoft Certifications, you stand out.

Once you have the necessary skills, you can take your certification examinations to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities this academic year for free. See how students are using Microsoft training and certifications to get ready for the future by watching this video.

Microsoft Learn for Educators offers a Microsoft-created skills curriculum for educators to bring into the classroom, giving students the chance to learn the most recent skills in the technology they will encounter after graduation. This is for faculty and educators who want to support students in building their skills through curriculum. Students have an advantage in the fiercely competitive job market by graduating with a degree and a certification in Microsoft technology.

We are thrilled that all kids will be returning to school this year, and we look forward to empowering them with Microsoft Learn resources to achieve their objectives.

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