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Here are some trends and insights on the state of WordPress design in 2022 that nobody tells you

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Here are some trends and insights on the state of WordPress design in 2022 that nobody tells you.


When creating a website, it is occasionally important to make future predictions. Learn more about the difficulties modern web designers face.

The choices you make in terms of a website’s design can have a big influence on how consumers engage with it in the future. If you choose the wrong design, your website may have to retire early.

A reputable WordPress website builder is Elementor. It acknowledges the cyclical nature of design trends. Designers who can anticipate future trends will be in a better position to make money.

In order to better understand the WordPress community, we polled thousands of site designers and developers.

Some of the most recent insights on WordPress are offered through these responses. Web designers like you are given access to this information so that you may develop a better business plan for your brand and expand it.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

First, we inquired about demographics.

WordPress designers’ demographics and hobbies were the first topics covered in the poll.

The biggest age range is between 35 and 44. Significant numbers of people utilise both sides of the spectrum, albeit there is a small preference for those at the younger end (25–34).

The WordPress community grows yearly. The shift toward younger producers may be a symptom of the growing popularity of web designers. We intend to examine data from several years to find out.

This is a sizable amount that has increased since the last poll a few years ago. This reflects an increasing trend in the IT industry, where women make up about 25% of the technical personnel in big businesses.

When developing new websites, web designers should take these factors into account as well.

There are eleven key issues that influence web development in various ways.

Let’s look at the top three, shall we?



The requirements that site infrastructure must fulfil are well understood by WordPress web designers. For SEO to be successful, you must have a high Google Core Web Vitals Score.

Performance of websites is increasingly a key factor in web design. Performance of your website is a crucial aspect of web design. It enhances the enjoyment of your users’ experience. In the market today, more than ever, designers that aim for quick website loads and mobile adaptability are successful.


One such is Scott’s Fastest Website in the World.


  • Write down the website’s URL that loads the fastest.
  • Paste the URL into PageSpeedIntelligence, then click Analyze.
  • The results, a perfect 100 on desktop and 90+ on mobile, speak for themselves.


This WordPress-optimized website has more content to offer. WordPress can help you have comparable success. Use a website builder that does not overwhelm your website with pointless code. That’s all.


2.The motivations behind the design

Finding the ideal inspiration for your web design project will be challenging. Your designs should be original as well. Websites should showcase the originality of their designers.

If such boundaries aren’t made apparent at the outset, websites can easily go outside of them.


To aid with project discovery, many designers employ templates that are easily editable. Designers ask clients for samples of websites they particularly like, then look for common design elements amongst them. Some customers can utilise Elementor’s Complete Site Kits expand the dialogue to cover backend functions in addition to user experience design.


The WordPress sector is beginning to be impacted by the following design trends:


The scrollytelling This is a technique for turning an online experience into a cartoon or comic book. The website’s story may be followed by users as they scroll through the information at their own leisure.


  • Reminiscence.  Many web designers are using historical examples and hints as design inspiration. Vintage images and analogue lettering work well together to evoke powerful feelings.


  • Pleasure. The goal here is to surprise users with favourable comments. Encourage the use of online animations, gestures, and microcopy to liven up a flat web experience. Completing difficult chores online, like applying for a loan or filing your taxes, may be made simpler as a result.


3.Optimizing communication

Managing remote web design teams is demanding and difficult. Agencies increasingly have policies that allow for remote access. If clients decide otherwise or want new implementations at the last minute, this might cause issues.


Today’s web designers must spend money on project management tools that enhance communication across project stakeholders. This enables your team to respond quickly to new requests and gives clients and partners immediate access to project updates. Great tools that can assist in increasing the effectiveness of customer communication are Monday.com and Clickup.

4.Consider the viewpoint of the client.


Additionally, clients of web design firms were asked to rank the traits and attributes they look for in a designer while working on new projects. These are the main considerations for modern online customers when choosing a designer to work with.

5.Several crucial details are as follows:


  1. Web designers must be open and honest about their costs.
  2. Your aesthetic values should constantly be on show.
  3. Technology is significant, therefore specialisation could be a successful tactic.
  4. Recommendations and portfolios are no longer as crucial as they previously were.


As a web designer, you may demand greater fees in exchange for your highly specialised technical knowledge and design aesthetics. Any continuing branding or marketing activities should be included in your design services from the outset.


Personal assistance is more useful than perusing client endorsements and portfolio samples. Clients seek individualised attention because they believe their initiatives are special.

 6.When creating, keep the future in mind.


We hope you will use this information to expand your web design company and establish your brand as a contender in the growing WordPress industry. Even while no one can foretell the future, you may get more knowledgeable about the sector and put yourself in a position to respond to changes as they occur.


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