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Global Supply Lines’ Failure

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Global Supply Lines’ Failure


At least as long as America has seen the failure of international supply chains. Its beginnings may be traced to the Boston Tea Party. a situation when the supply of tea and other goods was erratic, expensive, and overly taxed.

Entrepreneurial Americans then rose up to topple this economic tyranny and finally proclaimed a free and independent nation.

By mostly adhering to the slogan “Buy American” during the course of the following century, America built the world’s best economy. The economy of the United States is notable for its impressive supply and demand balance. The powerful automakers in Detroit are supplied by American raw materials and components.

Steel and glass came from Pittsburgh-based factories, while power came from coal mines all throughout the Appalachian Mountains.

Back then, the free market system maintained equilibrium between supply and demand. These managers could budget, prepare, and store all they needed to keep up output thanks to decisions made at the plant level. When factory management saw a shortfall of steel or coal, they would increase their stockpiles to make up for it.

Each party in the supply chain contributed to the equilibrium by acting in their own self-interest while creating an orderly symphony of economic harmony. It was an amazing process to witness. Nearly 200 years prior, Adam Smith used the term “Invisible Hand” to describe it.

Unfortunately, American politicians, by the 20th century, let’s go global, along with shady commercial interests that felt they had a “better method.” One of the first industries to evolve with this approach was the oil business. The 1950s saw the development of America’s dependency on this offshore supply.


Aramco’s gradual strengthening years later, the Saudis flipped the script. The Saudis, not the Americans, would take over after that. On the margin, the House of Saud would control American oil and gas.


Later, the Saudis would organize all the oil-producing nations in the Middle East. They would extend their influence to include the entire world. The Americans were now left outside in the cold. Like in the case of the OPEC Oil Embargo, literally in the cold winter of For the first time in our history, we were without energy. Again, one of our most fundamental economic needs has made us dependent on others.

It was quite similar to the Boston Tea Party once more. The only thing that dependence on foreign supplies had brought was a shortfall. The lessons from our past have not been understood by Americans. We didn’t have enough since we were dependent on others.

The most recent incarnation of “under-cut America” started in the 1990s once more. It appeared that there was a common business model used throughout the technology industry. market to Americans while having everything built in China. Apple was the first to popularize this production technique. The iPhone, iPod, Mac computers, and other devices made by Apple will be produced in China. It was creating and promoting those items concurrently in the US.

When Apple CEO Tim Cooke attempted to argue that those Chinese factories weren’t manufacturing facilities, it struck me as particularly absurd. They were only factories, a distinction without a differentiation. Mr. Cooke would slice it, though. These supply routes crossed the Pacific. And Apple did not hire Americans for those positions.


It’s difficult for me to think of a single US technology business now that doesn’t source its manufacturing from elsewhere. We now have supply lines that aren’t secure as a result of this. Once more, we are dependent on distant suppliers that They have different business practices and standards of quality. All aspects of building quality and steady supply are beyond the control of Americans.


Two hundred forty-nine years ago, the Boston Tea Party became the turning point in the history of this country. This is the time when a rowdy organization known as the Sons of Liberty rose up and started a series of actions that would eventually result in American Independence. A period when Americans became weary of serving a remote aristocracy whose sole purpose seemed to be to take advantage of those Yankee colonists.

I feel like we’re once more very near that flashpoint.

It will soon be time for the new generation of “Sons and Daughters of Liberty” to declare our independence from the global elite of today.

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