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Five Tracks From Female Icons That Will Inspire You

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Five Tracks From Female Icons That Will Inspire You.


All of us occasionally need a little boost. Music is a vital tool for boosting your mood and helping you feel better about yourself, whether you’ve recently had your confidence shaken, are stressed out from your personal or professional life, or have always had self-esteem issues.


In a study conducted by Heriot-Watt University, it was discovered that the music you listen to affects not only your mood but also your personality. Indie and rock/heavy metal listeners reported the lowest levels of self-esteem, while jazz, blues, opera, classical, pop, rap, and soul listeners reported the highest levels.


Consequently, if you’re experiencing a “bad day,”Why not uplift yourself by listening to some inspiring music? Here are five great ways to enhance your confidence.

  • Toxic Britney Spears

Britney has been an inspiration for many individuals all across the world due to her personal difficulties with her mental health and conservatorship.


Because of the constant, hard beats of this iconic song, it’s impossible not to dance to it. This song, a pleasant dose of nostalgia, has brought both new and old fans to dance floors throughout the world.


In the video, Britney plays a gorgeous flight attendant who seduces her passenger before escaping on a motorcycle and breaking into a high-security building protected by a laser surveillance system.


This song and its accompanying video will make you feel unstoppable,It merits a spot on your playlist regardless of your state of mind.

  • Milkshake by Kelis


In this cheesy classic from the 2000s RnB era, Kelis turns up the heat and will make you feel warm and gushy inside. With the help of complex percussion beats and electronic accents, Kelis’ self-assurance shines through and the lyrics are impossible not to smile at.


It’s a terrific idea to listen to this song before going out on a date or for the evening since it’s a great way to get into a flirty mood.


And if you plan to remain home? It greatly improves mood. But take care! You can have a yearning for a sweet treat.

  • Eve’s Let Me Blow Your Mind, with Gwen Stefani


Your attention will be drawn to this R&B classic by its aggressive beat and the strong vocals of Eve and Gwen Stefani, two icons of the 2000s. This tune is perfect for driving since it has an empowering vibe and a relaxed, yet confident, tempo. It also has a catchy guitar riff.


Have you planned a job interview? Have you considered asking for a raise? This upbeat song will make you feel confident and aggressive in no time.


The video shows Eve and Gwen Stefani riding quad bikes into an elite event, upsetting the affluent attendees, pushing the musician off stage to play their own music, and then getting pulled up and transported to the station in a police vehicle.


This “baddie” music uplifts your mood while keeping you feeling cool and collected. It enables you to access the hidden “bold” aspect of your personality.

  • MILF$ Fergie

It might be challenging to feel sexy if you have children. You might easily forget your sensuous side while you’re rushing about cleaning the home, changing diapers, or up to your elbows in dishes, leaving you feeling drab and lacking in confidence and ambition.


Thankfully, Fergie’s return song may quickly lift your spirits and make you feel more energetic.


Featuring lovely mothers going about their daily lives in a dreamy, vibrant neighbourhood while wearing curve-hugging latex and silky lingerie,This song may quickly boost your self-confidence and take you to a realm where you are more than simply a mother—you are a goddess.


With Fergie, your sexiest pyjamas, and a bottle of your preferred wine, why not shake off the day and channel your feminine energy?

  • How To Be A Heartbreaker by Marina and the Diamonds

Low self-esteem following a breakup? It’s not just you. When your heart is shattered, you could feel unlovable, uninspired, and melancholy. Turn the tables on your ex and crush hearts instead with Marina’s memorable club hit.


With its powerful pace and hammering rhythms, this dance song will inspire you to move your body and embrace your inner bad girl.Additionally, if your libido has decreased as a result of your depressed mood, sneak a peak at the film; its steamy shower scenes and gorgeous male models will make your blood pressure rise.


Don’t fall for someone who is emotionally unavailable the next time, just in case!


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