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Five Reasons Why Mobile Apps Require Security

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Five Reasons Why Mobile Apps Require Security

Cybercriminals can target everyone who uses your applications, so keeping users safe is largely your responsibility.

Mobile apps that handle sensitive customer information should run in a secure environment — and we’re not just talking about banking apps here. Apart from money, thieves are interested in loyalty programme points, discount cards, cryptocurrency wallets, and other items.

The designers of such apps have no way of knowing how secure a user’s gadget is or how prepared a user is for cyber threats. Rather than assuming that your customers will use mobile security solutions, you can proactively equip your application with additional user-protection features. Here are our top five reasons:

1.Viral Software

Malware is an ever-present threat that can emerge from any site the user uses to install programmes on their phone or tablet. Even using approved app stores does not ensure security.

In recent years, attackers have grown increasingly imaginative, and current spyware incorporates a variety of complex features. Malware can capture app alerts, text messages, PIN codes, and screen-lock patterns; steal 2FA codes for Google Authenticator and the like; and even share what is happening on the victim’s screen in real-time, depending on the variation.

Malware capable of superimposing its own programme windows deserves special attention. Such applications can, for example, mimic your solution’s UI and insert bogus login fields to steal passwords.

2.Unknown Wi-Fi Networks

You have no control over which networks your app users will connect to. Almost every café and form of transportation today has its own Wi-Fi network that is open to the public. Furthermore, anyone on the same network can attempt to intercept the data flow between your app and the server, obtaining access to the customer’s account. In certain circumstances, fraudsters set up their own wireless networks and purposefully keep them open in order to attract users.

Remote Access Software

There is an entire class of apps dedicated to getting complete control of users’ devices. Remote Access Tools, or RATs, are not always malware (though some are) and may be incorporated with legitimate software. However, the access they enable can grant thieves remote access to the device, including the ability to modify security settings, view any data on the device, and even use any app—including yours.

Vulnerabilities in Browsers

In many cases, mobile apps are based on parts of a standard Web browser, with or without additional functions. With browser engine vulnerabilities being discovered on a frequent basis, mobile app developers must update their solutions on a regular basis. However, fraudsters may attempt to exploit browser vulnerabilities in your app between the time a vulnerability is discovered and fixed.


Phishers are cybercriminals who distribute links to fraudulent websites via e-mail, messaging applications, and text messages. Of course, attackers can try to replicate any firm’s website, but if they happen to target your people, enticing them to a website that looks like yours or sending communications that appear to come from your company, your reputation is at risk.

Why is user protection important—and how to get it?

Formally, the risks we’ve outlined directly harm end users rather than the firms that deliver apps. Just a little more digging reveals application operator losses. After all, the greater the number of cyber incidents, the greater the strain on technical assistance; and in difficult scenarios, cases can wind up in court, where even if you are not guilty or complicit, defending yourself will still cost a lot of money. Furthermore, even if you prove your case, you are likely to lose a client, or worse, in this day and age, word of even a small incident may swiftly spread and inflict major damage to a company’s brand. Playing it safe and assuring your consumers’ protection ahead of time makes sense.


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