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Fiber Optic Cable Networking- The Fix for Every Network Issue

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Fiber Optic Cable Networking: The Fix for Every Network Issue


With Fiber Optic wires, networking will never be the same…


The only thing that holds this world together is communication. The sharing of information cannot happen without effective communication, whether it be between humans or machines. We employ copper cables, such as twisted pair, coaxial, etc., for either telecommunications or networking to make this connection possible. Technology is liable to change, though. As we have seen with fibre optic cables, which have brought about a significant shift in the realm of networking, change brings opportunity for growth. Fiber optic connections have made communication faster, clearer, and more secure than ever before.


A Fibre Optic Cable is What?


It is a cable made of glass or plastic fibre strands enclosed in an insulated tube that transmits data as pulses of light. These fibre strands are referred to as the “core,” and a glass tube known as the “cladding” surrounds them. The data is safely preserved until the end of the glass tube thanks to the internal reflection phenomena. Fiber optic cables can be divided into single-mode and multimode cables based on the quantity of fibres they include.


These cables can transfer a greater volume of data over longer distances thanks to their higher bandwidth. for computer networking, the internet, and other telephone networks and cable television.


Why Would You Use Fibre Optic Cables?


Although the glass or plastic fibres in fibre optic cables are just slightly thicker than human hair, they have the capacity to transmit terabytes of data across extremely long distances with little to no data loss. The data is transmitted through the fibres as light pulses. Since light moves very quickly, information is turned into light particles using a laser device and sent down a cable before being converted back into data by a computer at the other end.


What Distinguishes Fibre Optic Cables From Copper Cables in Terms of Advantages?


  • When compared to conventional copper connections, fibre optic cables transfer data 1000 times faster and over 100 times more distance. While copper connections can carry data at a speed of 1.5 Mbps over a distance of 1.5 miles, fibre optic lines can send 2.5 GBPS of data over a distance of 124 miles.


  • Unlike copper cables, fibre optic cables are constructed of glass, which makes them less susceptible to EMI, or electromagnetic interference, which interferes with electrical circuits.


  • Fiber optic cables are by far the safest because they hardly ever sustain damage from weather-related events like lightning.


  • Fiber optic cables are incredibly difficult to tap because no data is ever leaked at all.


  • Durability is another aspect that puts fibre optic cables in an advantageous position since, unlike copper cables, whose durability might be hampered by outside conditions, glass can break but doesn’t deteriorate in any type of weather.


What Functions do Fibre Optic Cables Serve?


The advantages of fibre optic cables over copper cabling allow for their adoption in a variety of industries. Here are a handful of the busiest locations where copper connections are gradually being replaced by fibre-optic lines.


  • Online


  • Television via cable


  • Communication technologies


  • Networking in computer hospitals.


  • Defense


  • DjjdûtddcgLighting and decoration


We are prepared to take on any type of cabling project, no matter how difficult it may be, whether it be a fibre optic backbone for your data cabling system, links between buildings across the campus, fibre to the desk, or links between floors. Our engineers are outfitted with cutting-edge fibre optic testing and slicing equipment.


Several of the fibre optic lines that we frequently use are


  • Cable trunks


  • Cables for distribution for


  • A standard patch cord


  • High-density cables for interconnects

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