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Driving a Car in Pubg

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Driving a Car in Pubg

Driving in PUBG Mobile is simple to learn, but difficult to master. Vehicle handling varies greatly between types, so use caution when steering. Simply put, not all automobiles are created equal.

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This page contains PUBG vehicle and driving tips and strategies from the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and PUBG Mobile development teams.

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This is the second part of our survival guide series for PUBG Mobile. Last week we shared some tips and tricks for surviving the game’s opening violent moments with you. This week brings back everyone’s favourite flop-sweat-infested nightmare: Driver’s Ed. Let’s go over some of the Battle Royale ground rules.

Find the Best Vehicle

PUBG Mobile is littered with vehicles, but the majority of them have been abandoned or are too damaged to drive. So you don’t waste time learning the visual profiles of the drivable vehicles.

Certain vehicles are better suited to certain situations. Motorcycles and dune buggies can provide good speed and handling, but they expose the driver and passengers to more enemy fire. More heavily armed vehicles, such as the VW Bus and Jeep, protect those inside but may be more dangerous in other ways.

10 and 2 hands.

Driving in PUBG is simple to learn but difficult to master, just like real driving. Vehicle handling varies greatly between types, so use caution when steering. Simply put, not all automobiles are created equal.

PUBG uses a physics engine that can make your car react realistically to bumpy, unstable terrain, so be prepared to go airborne. If you have trouble with bumps,

Cling to the lines and the road for a (normally) smooth drive. While driving, try tapping the arrow buttons to make smaller, more precise adjustments to your car’s direction. Need to do a quick 180? Give it a big thumbs up.

A deer caught in the headlights

Normally, your better judgement would advise you to avoid driving directly over someone. In PUBG, however, hitting another player with your vehicle results in a quick, easy kill.


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