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Cricket! Alter the phrases you use.

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Cricket! Alter the phrases you use.

“I guess I had around eight names for the one who went straight.” Shane Warne 

Master the phrases you use, and your game will yield better results. Because your subconscious thinks in images and symbols, you must arrange the language you use to generate mental representations of the pleasant things you want to happen or what you desire. Pay close attention to your ideas and the words you use, because 20% of them have powerful emotional overtones that might affect you positively or negatively.

Yvonne Oswald writes in her book, Every Word Has Power, that the overall impact of productive, high-energy words like better, fine, good, great, healthy, welcome, and wealth is that they resonate at a higher frequency and provide a higher quality of emotion than restricting, low-energy words like difficult, hard, ugly, or issue. When the high-energy words become more liberated, you will notice how much more positive you speak.

The following are examples of words to avoid using:

But. but suggests a decision. It also nullifies any sentence that came before it. So, if your coach tells you, “You played well today, but you bowled too many no-balls,” the coach isn’t required to say anything. “You played well today, and maybe in the future you can avoid no-balls,” is more encouraging. However, it is frequently followed by an excuse for not doing something. I wanted to train, but… If you substitute but with and, you get a much better picture.

Can’t. Don’t. Not. A negative is not understood by your subconscious. Don’t even consider your team captain. What were your thoughts? Did you think of your captain? Consider an umpire with green hair. What occurred? Because your subconscious responds to key phrases, it has difficulties conceiving negative information. The subconscious mind is mature enough for a seven-year-old. Watch what happens if you tell a seven-year-old not to touch anything. Which sentence is more effective? Keep your eye on the ball, or don’t take your sight off the ball. The first line gets you thinking about what you don’t want to happen, while the second gets you thinking about what you should do. Coaches, try to avoid telling a player what you don’t want.

Try and hope are two more words to eliminate from your vocabulary due to the uncertainty they cause in your subconscious. You either do something or you don’t. When you try or hope, you are telling yourself that it will be difficult and so setting yourself up for failure. This is why. If I ask you to pick up a bat that is lying at your feet, you have failed! Why? Because I didn’t tell you to pick up the bat; I just told you to try. Have you ever been unsure when someone invites you to try something new? You now understand the source of your uncertainty. Consider the following two sentences: I intend to work in my field. I intend to enhance my field. The second line resonates with intending to improve and sounds more believable. To put it another way, plants do not try to grow; they simply grow. Birds don’t strive to fly; they just do. Do you make an effort to pay your club’s dues, or do you simply pay them? When you want something, your subconscious places it in an unreachable region of your mind.

Why not change “why” to “how” or “because”? Instead of if, use when.

should or must make people feel guilty when they should or must do something but don’t. When fielding, I should concentrate. I should/must practise leg spin.’ How does that make you feel physical? Turn ideas into desires, such as “I want to concentrate when fielding” or “I want to practise leg spin.” Is that desire distinct from what should and must be? Does it strengthen your resolve? Is it motivating you to succeed? ‘ ‘Wish’ power can be as effective as ‘will’ power. When you realise you’ve made a negative comment, repeat it as a positive one by opening the sentence with ‘in the meantime. ‘past’. “I’m typically lbw versus left-farmers,” for example, may now be “I used to be lbw by left-arms.”

As you are no doubt aware, there are no problems when they are reframed as challenges or possibilities. You are currently thinking with belief.


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