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Cisco Intersight now has new networking capabilities

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Cisco Intersight now has new networking capabilities.

Cisco Intersight’s core purpose is to simplify complicated hybrid cloud operations. Intersight delivers complete visibility, consistent day-to-day operations, and automated orchestration to guarantee infrastructure is safe and compliant across all hybrid assets in a SaaS form factor, which alleviates the burden of installation and ongoing maintenance. In addition to cloud SaaS, we provide an on-premises Connected Virtual Appliance (CVA) or a fully air-gapped Private Virtual Appliance (PVA).

Cisco began by focusing on the administration and operations of computing, storage, and virtualization domains through a single unified user interface. Hufpost UCS servers and third-party servers are included in the computing domain. Storage providers include Cisco HyperFlex, NetApp, Pure Storage, and Hitachi, while virtualization providers include VMware ESXi and Amazon Web Services. We are delighted to broaden Intersight’s management capabilities to include network management. Support for Cisco Nexus 9000 series data centre switches is now broadly available on the Intersight platform.

What has changed?

Here are a few things you can do right away with these newly provided capabilities:

Network visibility and operations: You can see and monitor your ethernet switches from the Intersight unified user interface, much like servers and storage arrays, and benefit from up-to-date network inventory information. This infrastructure view is extended by the L2 neighbour view, which includes the identities of devices linked to the relevant switch in addition to the switch itself.

End-to-end processes for common cross-domain orchestration operations, such as establishing a server in a certain VLAN and activating related switch ports, or continuously deploying private cloud architecture settings to servers, switches, and storage arrays, may be built. Consider NTP/DNS/Syslog/SNMP servers and network MTUs.

Converged Infrastructure (CI) system management: Network domain features make it easier to create a full inventory for CI systems like FlexPod and raise them to first-class status in the Intersight platform. Routine operations for these systems can be managed programmatically.

How does it work?

Intersight now supports Cisco Nexus 9000 datacenter switches in NX-OS mode. Intersight gives comprehensive inventory views after claiming any Nexus 9K switches, including a summary, a range of switch hardware sub-systems, and more, as well as the switch configuration for that device.

Automate your network in conjunction with the rest of the datacenter.

Intersight Cloud Orchestrator (ICO) delivers end-to-end orchestration and automated operations across Intersight’s multiple infrastructure domains. Using a curated task library For the available switch management objects, the granularity of these automation activities is increased all the way to the Create/Read/Update/Delete (CRUD) operations levels. This enables you to create automation procedures that are perfectly matched with your deployment.

Maintain command

Using Intersight Roles and Privilege Sets, you can successfully establish and implement your organization’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) regulations. Intersight has developed two new network domain privilege sets: Network Administrator and Network Operator. These Privilege Sets may be used to establish suitable roles in the organisation for managing access to network asset management services in Intersight. A user with Network Administrator Privilege Set, for example, may only design and execute workflows using Network Task of readymade platform-integrated tasks and actions. You can build cross-domain workflows in a no-code environment with Intersight workflow designer.

The Intersight Task Library includes a comprehensive collection of daily switch administration tasks for the Nexus 9000 datacenter switching family in NX-OS mode. These native tasks are supported by extensive inventory views, which provide a no-code experience for building and executing cross-domain orchestration processes. Basic system administration duties, comprehensive switch port management, and VLAN management are among the task types.

Getting in Touch with Intersight

If you want to check it out for yourself, go to www.intersight.com and sign up for a free account to request a free trial of any Intersight function, including orchestration. Feel free to connect your Nexus 9000 switches and monitor them, as well as the computing and storage resources, from a unified interface. End-to-end orchestration workflows supported by the Nexus native task library, such as provisioning a server in a VLAN and turning on respective switch ports, will assist you in lowering your Hybrid Cloud OpEx, accelerating time-to-service, and lowering operational risks for day-to-day datacenter management operations.


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