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According to Dua Lipa, tracksuits are the new party outfits

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According to Dua Lipa, tracksuits are the new party outfits.

Tracksuits are not just for gyms or morning strolls; 

You can wear them to a party and turn heads not only with your fashion but also with your brave decision to wear something so casual to such a nice venue.

Dua Lipa is a big fan of the tracksuit revival, so much so that she recently swapped her party dress for the sporty ensemble for an evening function.

The pop artist wore a black cropped jacket with white stripes down the arms and matching skin-tight joggers from her second Puma collaboration to the launch party in London on Friday night. Aside from its shorter length, the shirt was made more evening-appropriate by pulling down its butterfly-adorned zipper. Lipa accessorised with two silver chains that entwined, black sneakers, and a little blue metallic purse.

Her brown hair was worn straight down her back and parted in the middle. Winged eyeliner, tanned skin, and fluffy hair, her brows were the last touch to her glam.

And Lipa has also revealed that the athleisure clothes from her new Puma collaboration aren’t exclusively for the gym. “You can style the pieces as you like—you can chop them up and wear them in new and exciting ways.” The collection is also ideal for a night of dancing, which is something I’ve been doing a lot on my Future Nostalgia tour. According to Vogue, the singer “I combined the sneakers with some fantastic ensembles that my stylist and friend Lorenzo Posocco and I worked on during the tour and on my festival dates.”


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