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A Tale of Things, Spaces, and People

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A Tale of Things, Spaces, and People

I’m happy to announce that Cisco Spaces has rebranded from Cisco DNA Spaces. In order to transform any building into a smart space, Cisco Spaces is the go-to platform that links Cisco networking and collaboration products (Catalyst, Meraki, and Webex). This evolution is brought about by a market inflection point that altered how the world functions and is motivated by purpose.

The Turning Point in the Market

The workplace has transformed from what we formerly knew. forever

Every aspect of “space” has been thoroughly reevaluated throughout the world, including how much we have, how much we need, how we use it, and how much money we spend on it. The pandemic coincided with a turning point in the market as businesses started to reevaluate the physical workplace and its function as hybrid working practises gained traction. Because of this, businesses continue to reduce their real estate footprints by 20–50% on average and reconfigure them to fit the needs of the modern world. And this is only the start.

What Is Now Real?

Buildings must now become safer, smarter, more sustainable, and more effective in order to meet the expectations of their many stakeholders as hybrid work grows in popularity. And, as you could reasonably anticipate, each stakeholder has quite different wants and objectives. Employees require a reason to report to work: Businesses nowadays must make travelling to work more appealing by offering a secure location, a more enriching experience, and a setting that stimulates productivity and chance encounters. At its core, the physical workspace needs to provide employees a “purpose” for visiting, one that is in line with their goals and the reason they are employed.

  • Teams in the facilities need visibility. Blind trials cannot serve as the basis for decisions on space resizing and reconfiguration. Making informed judgments requires key information on actual real estate use and occupancy levels. These discoveries can support a variety of commercial and operational objectives, including space optimization. enhancing the visitor experience overall, safety and productivity, energy efficiency, sustainability measures, and informed cleaning.
  • IT teams must make hybrid work effectively. The goal of IT teams is to establish a universal hybrid work standard for all of their business locations. A single platform that is secure, dependable, compliant, and has proactive monitoring is needed to accomplish this at scale.
  • Physical space will only be able to accommodate these many stakeholder expectations through evolution.Spaces must become more intelligent, safe, sustainable, and seamless.

Our Transition to the Cloud for Smart Spaces

We have been on a quest to digitise physical areas ever since our inception in 2018. Consequently, we became the preferred platform for indoor location services. has digitised commercial space totaling over 7 billion square feet. We have been the top-ranked indoor location services platform on Gartner Peer Insights for three years running, which is proof of this. Customers have benefited from it in a variety of industries (e.g., workplaces, campuses, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and venues) and business operations (CXOs, IT, Facilities, Marketing & Loyalty, Data & Strategy teams, etc.).

The turning point in the market was crucial for us. It signalled our change from providing indoor location services to a cloud platform for smart spaces that uses all of Cisco’s collaboration, network infrastructure, and sensor technologies (Catalyst, Meraki, Webex) to link people, things, and places.

This is Cisco Spaces.

As we transition to a new brand identity, it’s a new day, a new dawn for our team. However, it’s not just a new coat of paint. The transformation of your buildings into intelligent spaces is an evolution, a growth of our platform and capabilities.

You now have a cloud platform with Cisco Spaces that will promote security, sustainability, and smartness in buildings while delivering a seamless user experience.

Explore the future of work with us.

Cisco Spaces welcomes you to take part in our forthcoming webinar, The Future of Work: A Conversation with Adam Grant, if this seems like an interesting future (October 4, 9AM PT). Join Christian Bigsby, SVP, and Adam Grant, one of the most renowned management theorists in the world. to discuss hybrid work while examining two interdependent components of employment: the workforce and the workplace. 

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