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A Dove on a Rope

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A Dove on a Rope:

Lilly, a little grey dove with a longer neck than usual, enjoyed watching people on their regular walks. She was confident that she could look ahead and warn of any dangers that could be hidden along the way. Always keep an eye out for a snake or wolf that might be lurking in the bushes.

If there were no people to observe, she would keep an eye out for stray cats and fly down to distract them if they were in danger. Every morning, a black and white stray cat would cross the road, looking for food. Lilly was familiar with his routine and kept an eye out for him. When Lilly dropped down and buzzed the car, it had just backed out of a driveway and was speeding toward the cat’s route, spinning him around just in time. Lilly returned to her perch on the wire, satisfied with her assignment.

A youngster who had only recently learnt to walk slipped through an open door and played alone in the front yard. Lilly began to pay attention to him. A copper head slivered through the grass in the direction of the child. Lilly would dive down and flutter in front of the toddler, trying to grab her. Then she’d flutter away from the child, bringing him away from the snake. When the boy would wander along the street, Lilly would do the same, guiding the child closer to his residence. Finally, the mother, who was missing her son, looked I looked out the window and saw the two of them playing in the front yard. She captured a short video of the two, astounded by the bird’s peculiar conduct.

The mother showed the footage to a friend who worked at the local newspaper the next day, and the two of them watched from their house as Lilly soared from spot to spot on the wire above the road, watching people and animals stroll by. They saw Lilly would keep an eye on and monitor anyone on the block until they left. Then she returned to her position on the wire. Inquiring about other birds in the vicinity, the reporter spotted other little doves performing the same thing on other streets in the neighbourhood. It seemed as though they had each been allocated a single block to patrol.

As word spread about the doves patrolling the neighbourhood, a woman approached and stated that she had been praying for the safety of individuals in her community, and it appeared that Lilly and others were an answer to that plea.


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