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7 Ways to Spend Less Money Without Feeling Dispossessed:

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7 Ways to Spend Less Money Without Feeling Dispossessed:

Most of us associate cutting our spending with depriving ourselves of things and enjoyable activities. But what if I told you that by making a few minor adjustments here and there, we could cover the necessities while still leaving enough money for the things that truly make life worthwhile?

One: Make the majority of your meals at home.

Stocking up on cooking ingredients not only allows you to save money, but it also allows you to control your portions and the amount of oil, fat, sugar, and salt that goes into each dish.

Try new recipe ideas and allow yourself one special meal per week. Breakfast should consist of homemade waffles and hot cocoa with nonfat milk. Grill fish, chicken breasts, or lean cuts of beef and serve with fresh salads.

Two: Build your wardrobe around classic pieces.

In addition to food, clothing consumes a significant portion of our budget. A good rule of thumb is to invest in a few wardrobe essentials, such as jeans, trousers, a pencil skirt if you’re a woman, and a blazer or jacket.

If you believe a particular item, such as a bohemian blouse or a graphic T-shirt, will only be a fad or trend, go to thrift stores or bazaars.

Three: Master the art of being a charming host.

Going to a bar or club, going to the movies, or dining on expensive meals can quickly add up. If you want to hook up with your friends, why not plan some creative yet inexpensive activities?

Make microwaveable popcorn for a Netflix marathon at home. Make your girls’ night out into an at-home spa by researching face mask recipes. Playing the latest board games can also liven up an otherwise dull Saturday afternoon.

Fourth:find a low-cost hobby.

Instead of resorting to retail therapy or binge eating to deal with stress, tedium, or negative emotional states, look for a hobby that is not only inexpensive but also enjoyable.

However, active participation is required. Writing in a journal can be both relaxing and therapeutic. If you enjoy a good challenge, a couple of booklets with Sudoku or crossword puzzles won’t break the bank. You can experiment with calligraphy using felt-tip pens, or you can channel your inner artist by sketching with a graphite pencil.

Fifth: Instead of store-bought items, consider an act of service as a gift.

This will force you to consider the interests and preferences of your intended recipient. Make a booklet with coloured paper, scissors, and a felt-tip pen, each with a coupon for an act of service that your recipient can “redeem.”

      Here are a few examples:

  •  This coupon is good for a 20-minute foot massage.
  • I’ll make you your favourite ice cream sundae.
  • I’ll make you some chicken risotto for your afternoon snack.
  • I’ll do the dishes this weekend, so you can read intact.

Sixth: Look for activities in your area that are either free or have a low admission fee.

A free concert in the park, a string quartet or pianist performing in an auditorium, a poetry reading at your public library, a craft fair, or an art exhibit during a museum’s free-admission day should all be on your radar.

Seventh: Get in shape for less.

Join a hiking group, ride your bikes, or throw a frisbee around at the park with some of your friends. You can also walk your dog or the dog of a neighbour.

If you’re more reclusive and value your alone time, go for a walk after dinner, do a 30-minute workout while listening to music, or work up a sweat gardening.

After nearly ten years of honing her craft, Ronali G. Dela Cruz has finally settled on a writing style that she can call her own. She is a firm believer in the ability of everyone to cultivate financial habits and learn everyday life skills in order to meet their standards and outcomes, resulting in a happier and more fulfilling life.


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