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(7) Ingenious Methods for Passing the CAT in Three Months!

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One of the most difficult exams in India is the Common Admission Test (CAT). To perform well on the CAT, many students work together for years of preparation. A high CAT percentile is required to enter the IIMs, one of India’s most prestigious universities, as well as other renowned B-schools. The exam will be given this year on November 25, 2018, according to the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta. Thus, the exam was still three months away. If you have submitted your application for the CAT exam but have not yet begun your studies, you may be experiencing anxiety as you observe other applicants who have been working diligently toward the exam since the beginning of the year. Then, could you please stop? You still have time to study effectively for the test in order to achieve a high CAT percentile and gain admission to a reputable MBA course. Simply plan ahead of time by taking the following factors into account, and then act accordingly.       

1.Compile all the necessary preparation materials.

Divide your study time into three sections: fundamental, intensive, and mock exams. To ensure that your understanding is clear, read the books and materials in their entirety (according to your curriculum). Try to answer the challenging level questions once you have a handle on the fundamentals. They then take a series of mock exams. Therefore, gather your materials as necessary. Remember to collect and go over last year’s test questions.                                      

2. Maintain consistency because every day counts.

 Keep a calendar next to your desk so you can mark down each day that goes by and see how much time is left till the test. You must understand that you don’t have a single day to squander on useless activities. You won’t be able to study at an accelerated rate if you keep taking breaks. For the day, create a schedule for the day and complete your work in that order.    

3.Time management and attention:

Exam success is heavily reliant on concentration.The working population, in particular, who cannot devote a significant portion of their time to study, needs to be more concentrated. They should put in 2-4 hours of focused study time throughout the week and 7-8 hours on the weekends. Every aspirant should get into the habit of studying for 2 to 2.5 hours straight with complete concentration, followed by a 5-to-10-minute break.

4.Expand your vocabulary and your capacity for solving mathematical problems.

Vocabulary and the capacity to handle logical and numerical problems are given more weight in the CAT exam. If you are strong in each of these areas, the outcome may go in your favour.Therefore, handle this and make the required preparations.

5.Recognize your advantages:

One need not excel in every topic equally. Therefore, get adept at playing to your advantages. Answer more questions from the section where you excel.

6.Develop your capacity for fast thinking.

Try coming up with numerous solutions for the same issue. Learn to use shout cuts. By developing your capacity to think quickly, you can increase the number of questions you correctly answer in an exam.

7.Take practise exams.

Your initial test results can be pitiful, but do not become alarmed. Continue to practise the test series. Analysing the question patterns and your performance after each test series is crucial in order to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

Be self-assured, never give up, and keep yourself motivated at all times.

Best wishes!

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