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5 Must-Know Facts About Job Searching in the UAE

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Dubai attracts expats from all over the world because of its multicultural lifestyle, tax-free living, and status as a Middle Eastern centre. Despite the GCC economies being in difficult times, there are still plenty of job prospects for foreigners there. Therefore, if you’re an expat thinking about moving to Dubai, keep reading to learn some crucial factors to take into account when looking for a job in the UAE, particularly in Dubai.

  1. July and August are the best and ideal months to conduct job searches.

Dubai serves as a magnet for luring talent. Employee turnover is higher than in other parts of the world as competition for talent grows. This is encouraging for job hunters because it is believed that the entire year could be helpful for individuals looking for employment in Dubai.

However, there are some months when hiring declines. For instance, Ramadan is a significant month in which Muslims observe fasting, prayer, and charitable action.Working hours are shortened during this period. Due to the fact that many senior heads and executives return home in December and January, hiring slows down during the winter vacations.

Technology and innovation play a big part in hiring now. Through online employment websites and job applications, job seekers can contact organisations. Organisations are also using social media sites to find new employees because they have a wealth of data on active and inactive job seekers.

  • Organisations look for applicants who are diverse in their applicant pool.

The market in Dubai attracts job seekers from all over the world, so the market has expanded and grown competitive, with a high turnover rate. There are already more than 200 nationalities working in the area due to the unmatched professional experience that the nation offers.

The possibility of cultural diversity is something that job seekers should be aware of. Emiratis are highly proud of their culture and remarkable history, which the local government is working to protect. Organisations look for diversity in people and associate it with intercultural competence.

  • Knowledge of Arabic is a Big Plus.

Candidates for jobs should assess their strengths and shortcomings because this market values qualities such as cooperation, support, and adaptability in a team player. Having excellent spoken English is a need, and knowing Arabic is a major benefit.

  • Basic products are generally expensive in Dubai.

In Dubai, getting contracts, loans, and other types of financial credit from banks and financial organisations is the standard. The cost of education must be taken into account for individuals having families. There are a few schools to pick from, including American, Indian, and British educational programmes, but tuition is expensive! Depending on the reputation of the school, annual tuition costs might range from 20,000 AED to 80,000 AED.

The Lesson

In conclusion, choosing to apply for a job abroad can be challenging. If you have already decided to go, these pointers will undoubtedly assist you in navigating a foreign job market.

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